Is Zara a Luxury Brand?

No, Zara is not a luxury brand. Most people don’t consider it a luxury brand because of its accessibility to the masses. The quality of Zara’s fashion items is questionable; they are designed to be mass-produced. Zara’s clothing has pricing that is affordable to a wide range of consumers.

Is Zara a Special Brand?


Zara is a fast-rising fashion-forward brand that brings trends fresh off the runway to the market. The Zara brand is modest but still has created a brand head and shoulders ahead of fashion giants like H&M and Uniqlo.

We have no idea how the brand does it, but it has managed to stay ahead of the fashion curve. Zara’s success stems from controllable and uncontrollable factors that gave it an edge over its competitors.

For instance, Zara creates a sense of urgency in that it changes its display products every three to four weeks. As a result, the brand avoids discounts and generates more traffic. In addition, Zara has stores located in prime shopping streets worldwide, including New York’s Fifth Avenue and London’s infamous Regent Street.

What Was Zara’s Former Name?

Zara was initially named Zorba from the movie “Zorba the Greek.” However, a restaurant nearby already went by that name, so the founders changed the name to Zara. Zara’s founder, Amancio Ortega, began working with shirt-making industries when he was only a teenager.

He spent twelve years learning the dynamics of the textile industry. He created the Zara brand with his wife in 1975.

Amancio’s vision was to make the latest fashion trends accessible to the masses, especially when only the rich had access to fashionable cloth. Zara has grown into an industry powerhouse with a presence in close to 100 nations, over ten billion dollars in sales, and 2,000 stores.

Does Zara Clothing Last?

The Zara brand is known to make clothes that stay intact for more than one season. Besides, the brand’s quality is rising. Regardless, the brand’s consumers are pretty satisfied with its price-to-value proposition.

Although the brand’s products are manufactured in Turkey, Poland, Spain, and Portugal, it still makes decent good-quality clothes. Moreover, its designers understand the difference between fabrics construction and quality.

Furthermore, Zara is not sleeping on quality; it is working hard to make its value proposition more appealing to luxury fashion lovers. 

Does Zara Advertise Its Products?

Model Shoot Zara - Free photo on Pixabay

Zara doesn’t do paid advertising of its fashion items; this is one of the most interesting facts about them. The brand hardly even has a marketing department, as reported by New York Times. You wouldn’t find the brand on the glossy pages of Vogue. Zara relies majorly on word of mouth and a rich website to create a deep hunger for its items.

Furthermore, Zara has a strong web presence that’s still growing, suggesting the brand has a media executive intentional about content creation. Zara is on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and has mobile apps for Android, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry.


Zara is not considered a luxury brand by most because its items are affordable to the masses. Still, there is no denying that the brand makes popular fast fashion items that their consumers can’t get enough of.

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