Is Valextra Worth It?

Valextra is one of the truest Italian luxury fashion houses that produce bags and accessories worth owning. The brand started as an unlikely dream its founders could only discuss in hushed voices referencing unattainability. But, today, this high-end fashion brand has arrived with an elegant bang, a brand lauded for its sharp lines.

Valextra is considered the pioneer of minimalistic designs; its lack of logo and the unique features of its bags are priceless.

If you love logo-less handbags with minimalistic yet stylish designs, Valextra may be the brand you’re looking for. Giovanni Fontana started the Valextra brand in Milan, Italy, specializing in distinctive shapes entirely produced in Italy.

Every Valextra piece boasts of an Italian origin; every part of each piece, even the hardware, is made in Italy. Valextra is a stealth luxury brand offering taste beyond fashion, making it a favorite among fashionistas and stylists.

Are Valextra Bags Good Quality?

Valextra doesn’t just feature a beautiful and minimalistic design; it also features such high quality that’s almost unbelievable. Valextra bags are well made with high-quality leather quality – one of the reasons it is considered the “Hermes” of Italy.

In addition, each Valextra bag is made by an Italian super-talented craftsperson, with their serial number stamped on the outer pocket. As a result, the bags are comfortable enough to be worn casually and classy enough to fit a formal gathering.

Valextra bags have always had this unique, minimalistic design and clean lines that you can’t take your eyes off. They feature a quality that ensures the bag doesn’t lose its exquisite silhouette no matter how often you use it. 

Some of the bags are so light it would seem the leather used wouldn’t last long, but they are. When you inspect the bags closely, you’d realize the bag has a solid build, brass hardware, and consistent stitching and finishing.

What Is So Special About Valextra?

Valextra has retained its spot as a coveted stealth luxury accessories brand for a long time for a reason. First, the brand started as such, a motto its founder held rigidly on to through the years.

Second, valextra has not lost its status and respect despite being handed from one leader to another. This consistency in worth is mostly thanks to the beautiful work of continuum of the brand’s leadership over the years.

Another reason the brand maintained its status is because its DNA hasn’t changed in all 80+ years of existence. Regardless of the hands into which Valextra’s future was committed, each individual has ensured the brand’s integrity is retained.

Meanwhile, despite the rapidly changing trends in the fashion market, Valextra remains an authority, maintaining its heritage and embracing personalization.

One of the reasons Valextra has managed to retain its authority in the luxury market is because it didn’t change its values.

The superior craftsmanship and continuous design innovation of Valextra bags are such that another brand, authentic or counterfeit, cannot replicate.

These two factors make Valextra a legacy, and because it maintained exclusivity, its products have never been widely distributed. In addition, valextra products carried about them an added privacy level, which increased their appeal among fashion lovers worldwide. 

A typical Valextra item is a product for connoisseurs; it may not be a trendy brand, but its credibility is unparalleled.

What Are Some Must-Buy Valextra Bags?

Valextra has a long line of minimalistic yet incredibly stylish bags for the ardent fashion lover. However, if you’re not much of a shiny-leather fan, you may not get enthusiastic about the bags.

Nevertheless, we will give you three of the brand’s must-buy totes; then, you can decide if they’re not to your taste.

Tric Trac Minaudière

The Tric Trac bag features a classic design specially created for drivers; it features two compartments. One of the compartments has an ingenious fold that snaps open, and the other holds a mirror and has a zipper. The Valextra Tric Trac alligator minaudère is the brand’s move into the market of evening bags.

La Scala Clutch

The La Scala Clutch is a wallet-sized, classic, and beautiful wallet-sized clutch that can also double as a bag. The bag is small enough to fit comfortably into the larger version and big enough to stand alone. The La Scala clutch features a handy wrist strap you can easily slot in and out of the fold.


The Manzoni Bag features a design created by the brand’s creative director, Alvaro Gonzalez, featuring a classic 1950 look. The Manzoni Bag features a hard, snap-front opening, removable shoulder strap, several interior pockets, and rear external pockets.

Why Are Valextra Bags So Expensive?

One of the outstanding features of Valextra bags is their durability; they are designed to keep looking new for a long time. There’s no doubt that there are less expensive purses that offer the same functionality as Valextra bags.

However, Valextra bags provide more than just classy looks and a luxurious feel – something others don’t have. That explains why a Valextra purse can continue looking new and get compliments even after a few years of use.

Valextra bags are distinctive and offer more value than their price; their top-notch quality makes them highly durable. In addition, valextra is selective with the leather it uses in making its products; it chooses only the vetted supplier.

As a result, Valextra bags feature incredibly high quality that probably doesn’t match Hermes’ but outranks major leather goods brands like Gucci and LV.

Whether or not their choice of quality is to obtain perceived clout for their products, it produces exceptionally durable products.

Valextra is worth looking into if you’re looking for an item with excellent durability that is humble and classy at the same time. Older Valextra designs weren’t as expensive as the newer designs, but they weren’t as interesting either. The over-the-top quality of Valextra items, detailed manufacturing process, rich heritage, and high-end exclusivity are some reasons they are so expensive.


Valextra is a high-end fashion brand with ridiculously expensive totes, handbags, and accessories. It is the ideal brand for the ardent lover of high-end fashion and is worth every penny spent on it.

First, owning a Valextra means you’re part of the brand’s rich heritage and considered a valuable member of its household. Then, you have an item that speaks class without making a noise and elegance without being too flashy.

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