Is Valextra a Luxury Brand?

Valextra is the symbol of luxury, accomplished craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and elegance; it is an iconic luxury Italian brand. It is a luxury brand dedicated to making leather goods and accessories based in Milan, Italy, and founded in 1937.

Celebrities and high-standing personalities in society are often spotted wearing Valextra handbags and luggage from the 1940s through the 1970s. Some celebrities and wealthy clients that have used and still use Valextra include Grace Kelly, Aristotle, and Giani Agnelli.

The Valextra brand is one of the oldest luxury leather goods fashion brands that has remained relevant. The brand is constantly unveiling itself in attractive and exhilarating ways, with a commitment to engineering beauty in meaningful ways.

Valextra designs are defined by their timeliness, encapsulating the brand’s efforts to create essential and versatile fashion items. The luxurious status of the Valextra brand is innate; the brand is very picky when selecting materials for its products.

Is Valextra High-End?

Valextra is a full-fledged high-end brand with an innate luxury status that goes beyond fashion items. The fashion company is very selective in choosing the leathers it uses in producing its items.

Valextra products feature very high-quality, lightly dyed leathers that are soft, lustrous, and pleasant to the touch. Valextra ensures it grants wishes according to individual requests; its craftspeople can produce any item on order.

The Valextra brand was created to become the number one brand on the grand Piazza San Babila. It went on to become more than a traditional shop that only dealt in leather accessories, becoming a creator of innovative artifacts.

Valextra uses precise saddlery techniques to produce its leather goods; it is an internationally-famed brand that is synonymous with timelessness. Valextra is a luxury fashion brand that inspires trends and extraordinary craftsmanship; it is considered the pinnacle of taste.

Valextra expresses luxury in the details, from the complicated creative process to the exclusive, individually-selected leather and the metal embellishments.

An artisan is responsible for labeling an item with a personal code and serial number, embellished with the client’s specific request. Valextra products are a physical manifestation of just how high-end the brand is.

A Brief Leadership History of Valextra

Giovanni Fontana founded the Valextra brand in 1937; its roots started in the Piazza San Babila, Milan. The brand has always specialized in creating luggage, accessories, and handbags from exotic hides from wild animals such as hippopotamus and elephants.

The brand started in a little workshop by Giovanni Fontana; the workshop was located above the shop where he worked with a model maker. The Valextra brand began catering to international jet-setters and entrepreneurs during the postwar period.

Emanuele Carminati Molina purchased the Valextra Company in 2000 and served as its President for thirteen years – in 2013. A private equity firm, Neo Capital, purchased sixty percent of the Valextra Company in 2013; Marco Franchini was CEO. Marco served as CEO of Valextra between 2013 and 2014 before passing on the role to Alessandra Bettari.

Bettari served as CEO until May 2015, when she handed it over to Sarra Ferrero; Xavier Rougeaux is the current CEO.

Valextra Item Production Process: Is Valextra Made in China?

No, Valextra product is made in China; all items from the Valextra Company are produced and assembled in Italy.

Most of the brand’s pieces are made from the Parikia leather or soft-grained Martellato calfskin and are lined in velvety suede. Almost every Valextra bag features a white leather lining; the colors include bright and neutral colors.

Each Valextra piece stands out with its distinctive details like metallic accessories, hand-finished Costa-lacquered edge, and engineered closures.

Embossed inside the bags are a logo and product-specific serial number; Valextra also offers a monogramming service upon request. In addition, each bag features the artisan number of the craftsman that made it from start to finish. Valextra keeps its logo exclusively on the inside of its items; that’s one of the ways you can authenticate a Valextra piece.

In addition, the brand offers cleaning and repairs for life and service for creating custom handbags and luggage according to customers’ requests.

What Are Some Iconic Valextra Products to Own?

Valextra products constitute some of the best high-fashion, premium-quality leather goods on the market. The brand is undoubtedly worth investing in, and there are several lines and collections to choose from. Meanwhile, Valextra offers custom services to create bags according to customers’ specifications if you don’t find an item to your liking.

In addition, valextra produces small leather goods, including purses, card cases, key holders, coin purses, wallets, and glass cases.

It also produces travel goods, including the rigid Costa suitcase and a wide range of travel bags and accessories. Below are some of the other key products of the Valextra Company to invest in:

Iside Tote

The Iside tote was launched in 2011 for the first time; it features a distinctive pyramidal shape. It is a feminine, eclectic bag considered one of the brand’s highest successes. The bag is available in four sizes and can be worn casually as a cross-body bag or top handle.

Serie S

Valextra launched Serie S for the first time in 1961, giving it a patent for its innovative approach to shape. It re-launched the fashion piece in 2019 with a trendier, updated design to fit the modern-day fashion market.


Valextra launched the Brera bag in its workshop in Piazza San Babila in 1950 as an everyday bag. It expanded the piece into a collection consisting of a shoulder bag, top-handle design, a cross-body bag, a tote, purses, and accessories.


This Valextra piece is a large bag featuring different carrying options; you can carry it as a tote, handbag, or duffle bag. You can also use the bag as an evening clutch by detaching its featured front pocket.


Valextra is one of the most luxurious brands; everything about its products screams “luxury” loud and clear. For Valextra, quality is more important than anything else, hence its selective nature in choosing leather materials for its items.

Valextra is an excellent brand to invest in if you’re looking for fashion pieces made with cautious attention to detail. Plus, there’s a customizing service where the company takes orders from clients and produces items based on their specifications.

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