Is Valentino By Mario Valentino A Luxury Brand?

No. Valentino Mario isn’t considered a luxury brand even though it offers premium quality to its customers. Although Valentino by Mario Valentino may come at a higher price than average goods, it is nothing close to luxury. However, when it comes to high quality, price, and exclusivity, Valentino falls short of these.

Is Valentino By Mario Valentino A Popular Italian Brand?

Valentino is a popular Italian brand founded in 1952 by Italian designer Mario Valentino. It is popularly known for manufacturing the finest leather bags, footwear, accessories, and haute couture. Mario Valentino styles are conservative and made with top-quality materials. Though Mario Valentino has made a name in the fashion industry, he is not as popular as his namesake Valentino Garavani.

The name Valentino symbolizes style, drama, elegance, quality, and more. As such, when you hear Valentino, you should bear in mind you are going for a classy Italian brand.

Is Mario Valentino The Same As Valentino Garavani?

These two popular Italian brands emerged in the 21st century and are still rolling out the finest designs. Mario Valentino was the first Valentino brand, but another luxury brand under the same name was started years later by Garavani. This has led to a lot of confusion about the difference between these two brands.

These companies may be of the same name, but their products are different. While Mario Valentino is known for his top-quality leather bags, shoes, and footwear, Gravani is known for his signature red dresses and bags. Garavani is considered a luxury brand with higher price tags than Mario Valentino.

They are both popular Italian brands known for their bold designs and high-quality products. However, Garavani is more popular than Mario Valentino in the fashion industry. While Garavani went ahead to conquer the fashion world, Mario Valentino was left behind – the brand failed to gain that international influence it initially wanted. 

Now, you know Mario Valentino and Gravani are not the same even though they are both great Italian brands.

Is Mario Valentino A CopyCat Brand?

Due to the influence Garavani Valentino has in the fashion industry, people tend to doubt the authenticity of Mario Valentino products. And, though the brand has been known for ages for its top-quality leather and style, it may have lost its glory along the way. But this does not imply that Mario Valentino bags are not of the highest quality.

Even if the brand’s bags and other products are found in department stores or on sale at very affordable prices, they are still high-quality. The brand is also not a copycat. However, it just so happens that the brand owner Mario Valentino shares his name with an already established fashion mogul and brand owner, Garavani Valentino. 

Mario Valentino was initially known for its unique, sturdy, and elegant products, but this brand no longer lives up to its standards. 


Valentino by Mario is one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality bags, footwear, and accessories. Mario products can be found in department stores at a very affordable price, and this is one reason it doesn’t qualify as a luxury brand. It doesn’t offer that exclusivity, relatively high price tags, and high-quality luxury brands are known for. 

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