Is Valentino a Luxury Brand?

No, Valentino is not regarded as a luxury brand. Valentino products are, however, above-average retail prices. While owning a Valentino is considered a luxury, the brand is more appropriately described as a ‘copy brand.’ Based on the luxury brand levels, Valentino is an entry-level brand.

Is Valentino an Expensive Brand?

Although not as expensive as some famous high-end brands we know, such as Prada and the likes, Valentino is expensive. It is a coveted brand with products whose prices start from 1000 dollars and rise to thirty thousand dollars. That is, the least Valentino products cost around 1000 dollars, and the most expensive ones cost around $30,000.

Valentino is popular for its exclusive couture pieces and unique designs; its designs and signature are prominent and can be easily spotted from afar.

Who Owns Valentino?

The Valentino brand is owned by the Valentino fashion group, an Italian consortium of luxury fashion enterprises. Valentino fashion house has passed from one owner to another over the years. In 2002, for instance, the brand was acquired by the Marzotto Group. However, in 2005, it was spun off by Marzotto into the Valentino Fashion Group and other fashion brands the group owned.

Where is Valentino Made From?

Valentino products are made from the brand’s country of origin, Italy. Valentino is an haute couture house with a collection of unique clothing. All the brand’s dresses are entirely handmade, in respect of the artisanal tradition of couture. It is said that the dresses are handmade by a team consisting of about 60 professional and specialized sewists. Four Premieres order the team in Rome within the Atelier of Palazzo Mignanelli.

How To Spot a Fake Valentino

Valentino is a highly coveted brand and very often counterfeited. If you are a hardcore Valentino fan, you want to make sure what you have in your hands is really Valentino. You would be surprised how very alike counterfeit Valentino products are to the real ones. However, alike or not, there can only be one Valentino. You can spot a fake Valentino item in the following ways: 

  • The first thing is the item’s price; actual Valentino items cost a lot. So if the said Valentino costs anywhere below a thousand dollars, it isn’t a real Valentino product. Most times, when things seem too good to be true, they usually are – especially with high-end brands like Valentino.
  • Take a good look at the logo; make sure the Valentino signature has the right font and correct placement. Valentino logos are usually printed in the color of the items they are placed on – that is, silver hardware will have a silver-printed logo. Also, check the stitching of the item; it should be impeccable, and no step should be missed.
  • Newer Valentino products come with a serial number; check it and ensure it corresponds with the one on the paperwork you were given.


Even though Valentino fashion items are expensive, the brand is not seen as a luxury brand in the fashion industry. However, owning a Valentino product is considered a luxury mostly because of the price tags on Valentino items.

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