Is Valentina a Good Brand?

Valentina is a good Italian brand that produces iconic and stylish fashion items built to last. One of the perks of owning a Valentina item is you are viewed as a wealthy fashion enthusiast. Valentina isn’t a true luxury brand; you can still see bags costing from $129, unlike those that cost thousands. Valentina is a good brand to patronize for timeless fashion products that still stay trendy in any season you wear them.

Durability is a plus for Valentina products; you can use the brand’s bags, for instance, for years without doing repairs. But, as always, whether or not Valentina is a good brand is based on quite some factors, especially preference.

Why Is Valentina a Good Brand?

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If we say Valentina is a good brand, we should be able to prove it, right? Before concluding that Valentina is good, we considered several things, including its assortment of products and affordable pricing. Valentina has a wide range and great selection of men’s and women’s shoes and accessories; there is a style for everyone. Valentina’s bags feature leather of excellent quality, with hardware featuring different colors that include but aren’t limited to silver.

Valentina stands by its products; they respond to complaints quickly because they know what stuff their items are made from. It is hard to find a designer brand that still has the time to listen to its customers’ misgivings – and resolve them. The brand’s responsiveness is one of the reasons they are trusted and appreciated by their consumers.

Valentina products feature the iconic high-standing Italian feel, which is impressive considering they don’t cost a lot. Their products are versatile, meaning there is a wide range of products that consumers can sort through to find what suits them.

You will admit that Valentina is a good brand when you look from the quality, style, look, and style angles. Valentina bags, for example, feature an elegant silhouette that reflects on whoever is carrying them; they enhance your elegance.

Is Valentina Schlee the Founder of Valentina Brand?

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The conception of the Valentina brand came from the over-forty-years experience of the Oppito family. The family operates in the leather goods sector of the fashion industry, making products characterized by high-quality materials and lots of research. The Oppito family loves what it does, and this love makes them imagine how Valentina will be in the future. There is no doubt that their passion will pay off, and there’ll be great attention to their products.

Meanwhile, Valentina Nichlaevna Sanina Schlee is a Ukrainian theatrical costume designer and fashion designer. She opened a small couture dress house on Madison Avenue in the late 1920s, Valentina’s Gowns. Her first project and stage commission was making costumes for the infamous Judith Anderson. Her costumes received more attention than the play she made them for.

Valentina Schlee dressed many actresses in her era, including Lynn Fontanne, Katharine Hepburn, and Gertrude Lawrence. She recorded many Broadway successes, including the costumes she made for the play, The Philadelphia Story. Asides from celebrities, Schlee has dressed prominent society women in New York, including the Vanderbilt and Whitney families. She introduced her first perfume line in 1950, named “My Own.”

Schlee modeled her designs; she was a skilled self-promoter. She was always known to carry such dramatic and elegant air around her, and she never let it falter. Her impeccability earned her a spot on the International Best Dressed List.

Are Valentina Products Expensive?

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Valentina products are not expensive when looking from the designer fashion point of view. The brand’s price points are way below those of higher-end luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes. The price points are also below affordable luxury brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Longchamp, etc. So, Valentina products are not expensive; you could say they are at the lower end of the luxury spectrum.

However, Valentina products are much more expensive than the handbag you get at a regular store – after all, they are designer items. You can find a Valentina bag priced as low as $85 and as high as $169. Technically, determining whether Valentina products are expensive depends on what angle you’re looking at it from and your financial level.

Valentina products are cheap to lovers of exclusive, high-end fashion, but to luxury lovers who don’t have thousands of dollars to spare, they are just right.

Although Valentina bags aren’t very expensive, their quality is impressive. Customers of the Italian brand have testified of how they used the brand’s bag for years, and it didn’t lose form. Valentina products may not cost as high as Louis Vuitton’s, and their quality levels may not be the same, but they come pretty close.

If you want a taste of luxury but don’t have the price Gucci and the rest are asking for, you can try Valentina.

Where Are Valentina Handbags Made From?

All of Valentina’s leather women’s handbags are designed and produced in Italy. Although the Valentina brand isn’t very well known in other parts of the world, the brand is a big deal in Italy.

The Italian brand makes handbags in different styles, which are available for purchase on its official website. You can get leather bags like purses, shoulder bags, and messenger bags; each is meticulously designed to provide the best of fashion.

The Valentina brand is a Florence-based designer fashion label specializing in premium quality handbags. The brand’s handbags feature the impressive quality associated with Italian-made designer items. Their designing and manufacturing of Valentina bags occur at high-end Italian factories that also design for brands more luxurious than Valentina.


Though not a luxury label, Valentina is a good fashion brand, perfect for fashion lovers who cannot afford higher-end fashion houses. The brand makes high-quality female designer handbags that are popular in Italy; you will see them on three out of five women. Valentina products feature the quality status of Italy-made items.

Owning a Valentina bag in Italy is a big deal; people view you as one of the wealthy people. The brand’s logo is synonymous with style, class, status, and high quality.

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