Is Tumi a Luxury Brand?

Tumi is a luxury brand with a special interest in travel bags and suitcases. Tumi’s products are produced with the highest quality material and finesse to provide a carrier for travel purposes while remaining classy. Tumi produces both soft side and hard side luggage depending on customer preferences.

Where is Tumi Based?

Tumi is based in New Jersey but has Peruvian roots. Tumi’s products are produced across Asia in China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Some of its products are also from the Dominican Republic.

Formally, the brand’s products were produced solely in the U.S. until 2001 and 2002 when it began outsourcing its production to manufacturers in Asian countries.

What Products Does the Tumi Brand Manufacture?

The Tumi brand is synonymous with all types of travel essentials. On the Tumi brand, you can find high-end handbags, backpacks, carry-ons, cross bodies as well as suitcases. The brand also manufactures accessories like belts, wallets, key fobs, and other travel essentials. 

What Sets the Tumi Brand Apart?

Although maintaining its unique quality design, Tumi continues to do extensive research for the production of up-to-date luggage. Tumi bags and suitcases are made with the Tegris material, which is famous for its excellent resistant properties against various threats.

Although Tumi brands are known to be more conservative in design, they are reported to look better inside than on the exterior. Tumi products aim for simple elegance with premium functionality. The focus is on quality rather than glitz.

How to Identify a Counterfeit Tumi Bag

If you have contemplated buying a Tumi bag or suitcase, you must have considered the price and its originality. Although it appears that counterfeit Tumi bags are rare, it is still possible to find.

To identify a counterfeit Tumi bag, you must consider some important factors. This is essential if you’re buying any Tumi product for the first time or are not so familiar with them.

  1. Tumi bags often come with tracer numbers attached to the backplate. The surest way of identifying a fake Tumi bag is to place the twenty (20) digit tracer number on the Tumi website. This tracks the design and gives you detailed information about the particular item. Fake Tumi luggage will either not have a tracer number or have a counterfeited number.
  2. The Tumi brand is specifically licensed to use the Tegris material, which is very sturdy and rugged even if it is lightweight. Counterfeits will have a different type of leather and will not be as strong as the original.
  3. Tumi luggage is known for its pricey nature. Compared to other brands, Tumi luggage is known to be quite expensive. Anyone trying to peddle a counterfeit would want to give you a discount that would not normally be found on the original. Although it might be quite attractive, the price tag on a potential Tumi luggage can point to its genuineness or otherwise.
  4. Tumi products are known to be consistent in design. It could be counterfeit if you see a potential Tumi design but cannot find its replica anywhere.


The Tumi brand produces high-end luxury travel essentials that make them highly desirable to many people. The attention paid to the detailing of the luggage and their durability makes them highly sought after.

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