Is Tudor a Luxury Brand?

Yes, Tudor is a luxury watch brand. Tudor is a sister company to Rolex that manufactures and sells luxury watches that are elegant but affordable. Although it is relatively less known than its sister company, Tudor has unique products that are quite different in design and functionality. Tudor and Rolex are owned by the Hans Wildorf foundation – which is privately run.

Where are Tudor watches made?


Unlike several other luxury watch brands, Tudor products are considered “100% Swiss made”; almost all Tudor watches are made in Switzerland and coupled there.

Also, the brand produces its mechanical parts in-house. In 2015, the Tudor luxury timepiece company announced they had stopped working with the Swatch group, ETA, and had started producing their mechanical movements in-house. 

What Makes Tudor Watches Stand Out?

Tudor watches are aimed at a younger generation of luxury watch lovers. The designs are often based on older versions of watches but are modernized for the target consumer. Tudor timepieces fit contemporary fashion trends while inculcating old-fashioned but functional designs.

The brand’s watches are manufactured with a focus on utility and legibility. Tudor ensures that their luxury timepieces are highly functional while still being stylish. Unlike other brands, Tudor’s watches are powered by in-house mechanisms and not third-party mechanisms.

What are the Top Tudor Luxury Watches to Buy?

Tudor has several watches under its belt, but a few of them are making waves in the luxury watch industry. For instance, the Black Bay Range tops the chart and is loved by luxury watch lovers and enthusiasts. It is a diving watch equipped with snowflake hands and a domed dial, and the Heritage Chrono is also the modernized version of the Tudor Monte Carlo Chronograph, which was popular in the 1900s.

The Tudor North Flag and Tudor Heritage Advisor Cognacare also great Tudor watches, among many others.

How to Spot a Fake Tudor Watch

With its increased popularity, Tudor watches, like other brands, are beginning to fall to the ploy of counterfeiters. Many people hardly know what to look for when buying a Tudor watch and are more likely to buy a fake. Here are some things to look for when buying a Tudor watch:

  1. One way to check for the originality of a Tudor watch is to compare the bezel on the watches. The bezel on the fake, when compared to the original, has a different tone. However, you would need an original to see the difference because the difference can be very subtle.
  2. Also, the numerical are printed with higher precision and attention to detail on the bezel of a real Tudor watch than a fake. A fake Tudor watch will have a sloppy design with no attention to detail.
  3. Most Tudor watches today carry a rose beside the crown. Counterfeiters may include the rose, but the detailing is often very poor compared to the original. The engravings on a Tudor watch should be precise and detailed.
  4. The dial of a genuine Tudor watch is made to perfection without any errors. Compare a fake with a genuine one, and you will see misspellings and shaky letters on the fake.


Tudor watches have steadily grown to attract more patronage with their intricate attention to detail. Tudor luxury watches occupy a class of their own; they are stylish and affordable.

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