Is Tory Burch a Luxury Brand?

No, Tory Burch is not considered a luxury fashion brand; the brand is not put on the same level as Prada or Louis Vuitton’s. Nevertheless, Tory Burch is expensive and can have you spending several hundred dollars on its products. Tory Burch is in the same brand category as Kate Spade and Coach.

Is Tory Burch High-End?

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Even though Tory Burch products are on the high side price-wise, the fashion brand is not high-end. Tory Burch is better described as a mid-tier or ‘attainable or accessible luxury’ brand. However, Tory Burch does have some standing above some other fashion houses like Zara. Tory Burch bag is said to cost more than a bag from Zara. Moreover, Tory Burch items have more brand recognition and higher quality than Zara.

Are Tory Burch Products of Good Quality?

Yes, Tory Burch products, including their handbags, are said to be of good quality. Regardless of the color of a Tory Burch bag, the quality of all the products is the same. Tory Burch products are so good that customers get hooked on them. The brand is ranked number 372 in the list of best brands globally.

Their bags, for instance, are made of beautiful soft leather. The bags are designed with quality craftsmanship by talented craftsmen. Tory Burch products are said to have a quality as high as Chanel’s or Saint Laurent’s but much lower in price.

Where Are Tory Burch Bags Made?

When Tory Burch bags were launched, they were made in the USA. However, Tory Burch moved its manufacturing base to China and was one of the first renowned American fashion brands to start manufacturing products in China.

Although ‘Made in China’ gives the impression that a product would be low-quality or counterfeit, Tory Burch maintains the high-quality testimonial. Many mid-tier fashion brands like Tory Burch are opting for Chinese industries.

But, most times, in their bid to keep prices attainable, their products drop in quality. However, Tory Burch dazzles the world by maintaining the high quality of its products without shooting prices too high up.

Tory Burch convinces the world that you can still get high-quality fashion items that aren’t produced in the USA, Italy, or Europe.

Are Tory Burch Bags Expensive?

Tory Burch bags are not as expensive as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or even Coach bags. However, they are more expensive than a bag you’d get at just any fashion store. For people who dream of having branded handbags but cannot afford them, Tory Burch seems to be a messiah.

Tory Burch bags differ in style and materials they are made from and, therefore, differ in price. Nevertheless, the most expensive Tory Burch bag costs around $1,600 and is sold at Nordstrom.

Classic Tory Burch bag styles cost around $500, some as low as $400. This makes them available and affordable for middle-class individuals who want something classy and quality yet affordable.


Tory Burch brand is not considered a luxury fashion brand when compared side-by-side with the likes of Louis Vuitton or Fendi. The brand is best described as a mid-tier or accessible luxury fashion brand.

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