Is Theory A Luxury Brand?

Theory is an amazing clothing brand known for its high-quality fabrics, the clothes are fashionable, and the tailoring is superb. However, Theory cannot be classified as a luxury brand. It does not meet the criteria that define luxury, such as uniqueness of their pieces, pricing point, and uncommon or limited editions of pieces.

Why Is Theory So Expensive?

Theory may not be a luxury brand, but it is expensive and worth it. Theory clothes are quite pricey because of the top-quality materials used in making them. The brand’s clothes are not just ordinary clothes but art in their purest form. The time, energy, and expertise spent in making these clothes are part of what you are paying for – this, the higher price tag.

With Theory, you get to enjoy the value of your money. You are paying for how nice it looks and soft it feels. They produce the kind of clothes that have all eyes fixed on you because you look exquisite. Theory encompasses all styles, from casual wear to office wear and dresses. Their styles are simple, clean, aesthetic, and perfect for young men and women.

Who Owns Theory?

Theory is a clothing, footwear, and accessory brand founded in 1997. It is a men’s and women’s modern fashion label established in New York and founded by fashion mogul Andrew Rosen and co-founder Ellie Tahari. However, in 2009, it was purchased by the Japanese company “Fast Retailing.”

The brand is popularly known for its comfortable and contemporary designs for men and women. Theory has over 489 stores and is also known for its collaboration with Uniqlo.

What Is Theory Known For?

Theory is known for its minimalist yet sophisticated designs specifically made for contemporary men and women. The brand specializes in making luxurious but casual, trendy but elegant styles, and simple but clean designs.

If you love looking chic but simple, then Theory is just the brand for you. Theory as a brand reminds its customers that they can still look simple yet alluring. They believe that clothes do not have to be uncomfortable to be sophisticated. As such, Theory clothes are often comfortable yet interesting and sophisticated.

Is Theory A Good Brand?

Theory offers its customers appealing designs and high-quality materials that make them stand out. It isn’t just considered a good brand but also one of the best clothing brands in the world. Fashion lovers are drawn to it because it effortlessly combines minimalist and sophisticated styles.

Theory clothes often last a long time because they are made with top-quality materials. Thus, when it comes to quality and style, Theory is considered a good brand.

Does Uniqlo own Theory?

No. Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand owned by Fast Retailing Co., Ltd, and it doesn’t own Theory. However, both brands are owned by the Japanese Textile company – Fasting Retailing Co., Ltd. This popular Japanese textile retail company initially bought 89% off Theory’s stock in 2003 and finally acquired the remaining 11% in 2009, claiming full ownership of the brand.


Theory is just a few steps away from being called a luxury brand. And, though it is not a luxury, it is definitely worth the price it comes at.

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