Is Teddy Blake a Luxury Brand?

Teddy Blake is an affordable luxury brand that produces 100% leather handbags. The brand is fairly new, coming into existence only in 2016. Still, there is no doubt that the Teddy Blake brand knows what fashion is about. Moreover, the brand has a pretty loyal fan base, despite being only about six years old.

Is Teddy Blake an Expensive Brand?

Teddy Blake is not an expensive brand. Contrarily, it is one of the most affordable brands in the fashion industry. Whether this is because the brand is still a newbie or not, Teddy Blake is as affordable as they come. You can get a Teddy Blake handbag for as low as $300 to $600. That price is far from LV’s thousands of dollars price tags, but the quality is not so far below. Not that we’d compare Teddy Blake with the infamous Louis Vuitton.

Teddy Blake’s vision is to provide luxury fashion at a fraction of the cost. Besides, the only reason Teddy Blake isn’t a luxury is that its price tags won’t make you want to gouge your eyes out. As far as exquisiteness and quality go, Teddy Blake has a say – a very significant say.

Is Teddy Blake Made in China?

Teddy Blake is not made in China, and there’s no indication that the brand will move there anytime soon. All Teddy Blake handbags are made in Italy by some of the country’s most talented and experienced artisans. The brand’s stand for high quality is unequivocal, and it goes to great lengths to ensure that it is maintained. For example, the brand only sources raw materials from factories and suppliers that guarantee leather and craftsmanship.

However, that is not to say luxury brands made in China are low-quality. Most luxury brands move or use China for cheap production costs and other opportunities, and many still maintain their quality. Nevertheless, Teddy Blake is entirely Italian-made so far, with each piece undergoing quality inspection before being released.

Are Teddy Blake Handbags Any Good?

Teddy Blake handbags are made of pure leather, unadulterated and uncompromised. One of the brand’s goals is to create timeless pieces that people can use daily. There’s no satisfaction in buying a fashion piece with a lot of money, and its only use is decorating your wardrobe.

Teddy Blake handbags are different in many ways, including being only high-end quality products. They are carefully crafted by Italian artisans with focused attention to detail.

Are Teddy Blake Bags Worth Buying?

Teddy Blake bags are worth buying if you love high-end fashion but aren’t able or willing to break the bank to get it. The bags have their limits, like every other perishable item on the planet. For example, the bags’ exterior can get damaged by solvents such as alcohol, oil, and acetone. Thus, the brand recommends using leather protective sprays on the bag before using it.

In addition, you will want to keep the bags away from water; prolonged exposure to water will damage them. But, the bags are high-quality, durable, and will stand the test of time if used appropriately. Buying a Teddy Blake bag is buying value.


Teddy Blake is not regarded as a true luxury brand because of its affordable prices. But, for the middle-class, Teddy Blake is luxury. The brand provides high-end luxury leather goods for a fraction of the cost.

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