Is Ted Baker A Luxury Brand?

Ted Baker is a British luxury retail branding company founded by Ray Kelvin in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1988. The brand began operations in Glasgow, then opened more stores in Manchester and Nottingham. Over time, it has expanded its horizon to Australia, the US, New Zealand, and so on.

Ted Baker company’s wholesale operations began in 1994.

Is Ted Baker Designer or High Street?

Ted Baker is best referred to as High Street rather than a Designer brand. Upon its establishment by Ray Kelvin, the company was said to have been named after a self-styled alter ego. It is thought to be a daring aviator, an all-around sportsman, and consort of Hollywood beauties and princesses.

The first Ted Baker store opened in March 1988 in Glasgow, where its wholesale operations began. Later on, sales were taken beyond Glasgow to Manchester and Nottingham. In the early ’90s, another Ted Baker store was opened in Covent Garden. It later launched a new extension of the company known as Ted Baker Woman in 1995.

What Is Ted Baker Brand Known For?

Ted Baker is said to be among the rapidly-growing leading lifestyle brands in the United Kingdom with a collection that keeps expanding. Ted Baker offers a wide range of luxury fashion items, including menswear, womenswear, fragrance, skiwear, footwear, eyewear watches, and accessories.

It is also popularly known for its unique collection of Global, Endurance, Fashion, and Langley products.

Ted Baker has several sales outlets in the USA and the UK; it is also counted as one of the leading department stores. In 2006, the Ted Baker brand began operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai. It, however, continued its expansion with more stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Jakarta, and Taiwan.

Is Ted Baker a Good Brand?

Yes, Ted Baker is a good brand and has been so from the beginning. As far as quality is concerned, Ted Baker is said to have always had a clear and unwavering focus on it. Also, the brand has undeniable keen attention to detail and a witty sense of humor.

These qualities are so prominent that the brand gained recognition almost as soon as it started. Ted Baker products are specially made to mirror a person’s personality and speak to his persona. Ray Kelvin is a fashion icon who cherished fashion and anything related to it.

Every Ted Baker item produced under the Ray-Kelvin name is said to have this outstanding personality woven into its very heart.

What Age Group Is Ted Baker Aimed At?

Ted Baker’s products are targeted at a broad market of men and women between 18 and 40 years old. The brand designs items with an attitude that appeals to consumers in this age range. Nevertheless, Ted Baker is more than a band; it is a unique, quirky-styled way of life.

Because every Ted Baker product has the personality of the Ted-Baker name, consumers are more quirky. The brand produces high-quality, affordable, and outstanding clothing with different characters that often want to stand out among the crowd.


Ted Baker is popularly known as a luxury retail company that produces high-quality but affordable fashion items. The brand has gone from being just a retail company in Glasgow to being a highly-sought high street fashion in various countries.

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