Is Tag Heuer a Luxury brand?

Yes, Tag Heuer is a luxury brand. Tag Heuer specializes in luxury wristwatches and fashion items for men and women. Tag Heuer brings the centuries-old knowledge of Swiss watchmakers to life in producing their line of luxury watches. In addition to their luxury watches, they also produce eyewear and a selection of other products in partnership with other companies.

Where Are Tag Heuer Products Made?

The Tag Heuer brand began in St-Imier Switzerland in 1860 and has extended its reach throughout Switzerland and worldwide. Now, products under the Tag Heuer label, especially wristwatches, are made in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland.

However, unlike most of the brand’s luxury wristwatches, the Tag Heuer smartwatches are manufactured outside Switzerland.

What Products Can Be Found Under The Tag Heuer Label?

Tag Heuer has grown to be quite a popular brand, and this is because of its luxury wristwatches. These watches can be used by men and women and are designed to be elegant and chic. Tag Heuer is also quite popular in the automobile racing industry for its stopwatches production. Tag Heuer stopwatches have been spotted in many automobile racing contests like Monaco and Formula 1.

Collection lists are the Carrera, Monaco, Aquaracer, Autavia, and the famed Tag Heuer chronograph in the Tag Heuer brand. The famed chronograph is said to be so accurate; it could be read to the ½ 000th of a second.

What Makes Tag Heuer Watches Unique?

Tag Heuer watches are known to spot complex but precise chronographs that are not likely to be found on other brands. Tag Heuer watches are also fitted with luminova technologies that make the lumens glow even in the dark. The classic blend of style, elegance, and, most importantly, accuracy is what makes the Tag Heuer brand stand out among other contemporaries.

How to Identify Counterfeit Tag Heuer Watches

Although Tag Heuer has other products in its collections, its wristwatches are its main selling point. As has become the norm today, several luxury brands have been counterfeited, and Tag Heuer has not been left out. Here are a few things to watch out for when buying a Tag Heuer watch.

  1. Tag Heuer wristwatches are marked with a “Swiss Made” around the 6 o’clock area. Fake wristwatches may have other markings or no markings at all.
  2. Fake Tag Heuer wristwatches will often have the Tag Heuer brand marker glued on the steel dial. Originals, however, have a clean-cut, and the trademark is pressed on the dial. Once you see the residue or sign of glue, it is definitely a fake.
  3. Due to the technology with which Tag Heuer watches are made, the watch’s face glows in the dark. This is due to the LumiNova technology used in the production of the watch. A fake Tag Heuer watch will not glow even after it is charged.
  4. Original Tag Heuer watches come with very functional subdials; Fake Tag Heuer watches, on the other hand, may have the subdial installed but not working.
  5. The crown on a Tag Heuer watch is made to be very easy to wind. If the crown on your watch is hard to wind, it could indicate a fault or a counterfeit.


Tag Heuer luxury watches have been developed and perfected for years to give them an edge over other brands in the market. The precision and technology with which they are fabricated make them highly sought after for fashion and functionality.

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