Is Swarovski a Luxury Brand?

Swarovski is not a luxury brand as far as luxurious jewelry brands go. This is mostly because the brand doesn’t use gold, silver, or platinum in making its jewelry, only glass. However, Swarovski is a peculiar jewelry brand that focuses on its unique and signature jewelry pieces. Plus, their jewelry pieces are pretty expensive.

What is Swarovski Known For?

The Swarovski brand is known for its iconic jewelry; it is an Austrian jewelry brand over one hundred years old. The jewelry brand focuses on crystals, Optik, and Tyrolit. The Swarovski crystals primarily produce lead glass, jewelry, and accessories.

Meanwhile, the Swarovski optic works on optical instruments like binoculars, telescopes, and so on. Finally, the Tyrolit produces sawing, grinding, drilling, and similar machines and tools.

The Swarovski jewelry brand is known for its exclusive and unique style featured in its chic, classy designs. Each piece of Swarovski jewelry will stand out in a sea of other jewelry with its quirky designs.

Is Swarovski Good Quality?

Swarovski jewelry and crystals are worth their prices, which is one of the reasons the brand is so popular. The quality and price ratios of their jewelry pieces match. Their items are beautiful, sparkle, and are durable. Swarovski produces crystals from various materials, including quartz, minerals, lead, sand, etc. Thus, the pieces can maintain an impressive sparkle than most natural crystals.

But, like every piece of jewelry, Swarovski crystals do have their limits. They hold out pretty well if you don’t subject them to damaging conditions. If you do, well, they’ll wear and tear like any other jewelry piece. For example, you want to avoid too much and long exposure to direct sunlight and clean them carefully and regularly.

Why Does Swarovski Use Lead?

The brand’s use of lead in their pieces of jewelry tends to surprise the majority. The average Swarovski crystal contains approximately 32% lead. However, the lead isn’t only meant to make the crystals durable; it is also meant to maximize their refraction.

However, the most recent Swarovski jewelry contains less than 0.009% lead in their crystals; they are basically lead-free.

Additionally, the crystals’ colors are created through chemical coatings, which are also durable. With proper care, a piece of Swarovski jewelry will last a lifetime without losing its integrity or value.

How to Spot a Fake Swarovski

It is pretty easy to tell a real Swarovski apart from fake if you’re a regular with the brand. With many imitations of the real thing on the market, online and offline, this skill is essential. Below are ways you can spot fake Swarovski jewelry:

  • A real Swarovski has the iconic laser logo etched into them. The logo is found in some crystals and stones and is trapezoid in shape. If Swarovski so-called doesn’t have this logo, it is likely a fake. However, this isn’t the only indicator since some of the brand’s items don’t have the logo, like the Emerald and Bordeaux crystals.
  • On Swarovski jewelry without a logo, check their stickers or tags. You should see a 16-digit code that one can verify on the brand’s official website.


Swarovski is not regarded as a true luxury because the brand doesn’t use gold, silver, or platinum in making its jewelry pieces. Nevertheless, the brand makes some of the most timeless, iconic, and breathtaking jewelry pieces in the industry.

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