Is Ralph Lauren Made in China?

Yes, Ralph Lauren is made in China. It is one of the largest brands in the world and one of the most famous brands among men since its establishment in 1967 in New York. Most people are confused about where Ralph Lauren products are made because they are not only manufactured in China. The company outsources the majority of its production to different manufacturers around the world.

Where is Ralph Lauren Made?

The majority of Ralph Lauren’s production is done in Italy and China. As mentioned earlier, about a quarter of Ralph Lauren’s products are made in China. However, about 50% of their shirts are made in Italy, and the rest is spread across other countries like Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

Other countries that partake in the production of Ralph Lauren’s products include; USA, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, and Mexico. However, their most expensive products are manufactured in Italy compared to the other countries.

Ralph Lauren’s revenue has steadily increased over the years, majorly due to the profits made from production in China.

What is the History of Ralph Lauren in China?

China gets about 25% of Ralph Lauren’s outsourcing. Ralph Lauren chose China as a significant manufacturing country because of cheaper labor, raw materials, and energy. Due to this, the brand maximizes its sales and can sell at lower prices than its products manufactured in other countries.

Since 2011 Ralph Lauren has included many Chinese elements into its designs. Some of these elements include the color China red, emerald green, and Chinese materials.

Most of the Chinese products are also designed using Chinese embroidery and a dragon robe.

When they ventured into the Chinese market for the first time, choosing the right location for their stores was of the utmost importance. They had to compete with other luxury brands in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

How Does Ralph Lauren Market in China?

Ralph Lauren has positioned itself as a profitable high-end luxury brand in China through the right business strategies. Its marketing and partnerships with various Chinese celebrities have drastically spurred impressive profits for the company.

Through these celebrities, Ralph Lauren has garnered millions of views on its products and accessories.

Ralph Lauren has been pictured with various celebrities wearing apparel and accessories from the brand. Most of these are very expensive, and they are available on different digital platforms to support the sales of different products.

In all this, Ralph Lauren still provides an affordable line of products, contributing to the profit margin.


Due to its share size as a brand, Ralph Lauren has numerous manufacturers worldwide. China benefits the most as one of the largest producers of their accessories, and most of their clothing is made in China.

Ralph Lauren is an iconic name in fashion, and through countries like China, Italy, and the US, it has targeted a wide range of consumer bases. The brand is not a random brand but an outstanding one that combines different sub-labels.

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