Is Ralph Lauren Luxury?

Ralph Lauren was once considered a luxury brand, but the brand’s prestige has been diluted by the introduction of too many different sub-labels. The brand name, “Ralph Lauren,” has been well known for more than fifty years in the fashion industry. But, in those over five decades, Ralph Lauren’s offerings and reputation have diverged significantly.

Is Ralph Lauren High-End?

Ralph Lauren has gone from high-end to accessible in over fifty decades. Over the more-than-fifty years that Ralph Lauren has been in existence, it began diversifying its portfolio offerings.

The brand started introducing various lines from homewares to clothing. The Lauren brand ventured into mid-tier and discounted retail channels and grew as a result. As it grew, it tried to retain its luxurious offerings while also delivering affordable items.

The brand’s diversification into affordable fashion made it more appealing and accessible to the masses. However, most of the brand’s lines’ price points were not too far from one another. As a result, Ralph Lauren’s ubiquity increased while its luxurious status decreased.

Does Ralph Lauren Have Other Labels

Ralph Lauren has many labels embedded into one brand, although most people still think of it as a whole. The sub-labels vary in price, quality, and target markets; some were luxurious while others weren’t.

For example, the Purple Label is one of Ralph Lauren’s many sub-labels and is most luxurious. The label offers the most expensive and premium items, with fewer productions.

Ralph Lauren launched the Purple Label line in 1994 with premium men’s apparel, expertly tailored and meticulously constructed. London’s Savile Row Tailoring inspired the line; highly-skilled suit makers and tailors make every item in this line.

Is Ralph Lauren Still a Good Brand?

While its luxurious status hangs in the balance, Ralph Lauren is still very much a good brand. The brand hired a new CEO in 2015, Stefan Larsson, to help salvage the brand’s declining sales and dwindling prestige.

Less than two years into his employment, Larson began implementing ideas to overhaul the company. Some of his moves included a more focused offering, reduced lead times, and the destruction of excess stock.

Later in 2017, the brand hired a new CEO, Patrice Louvet, who managed to continue Larsson’s work to return the brand to its former glory.

However, while sales have increased and discounts reduced, many still argue that the brand’s luxurious status restoration is still a long way off.

Are Ralph Lauren Items Worth It?

The Ralph Lauren brand makes exquisite items of high quality; the quality of Ralph Lauren’s items has never been questioned. The brand has a wide range of good-quality fashion products you can buy from.

Moreover, the brand’s premium image, classic designs, and high quality have been its highest selling points – and the reason its consumers love it.

For example, Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label is special in that the items in this line are handmade in Italy by talented artisans. It is also Ralph Lauren’s most luxurious label with the most expensive items.


Ralph Lauren’s luxury status is currently in the balance because of the many accessible sub-labels the brand has. The brand’s move to make its products more accessible brought huge returns. However, as the accessible lines grew successful, the luxurious lines gradually shrank into obscurity.

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