Is Rado a Luxury Brand?

Rado is a luxury brand that sells five hundred thousand watches every year. It is one of the most sought-after luxury watch brands in Asia but still poorly known in the United States. Rado is over one hundred years old, but it didn’t get to the US until four decades ago.

Are Rado Watches Good Quality?

It is a definite ‘yes’ for Rado watches where quality is concerned. Rado makes top-quality, classical, and innovative timepieces, some of the best in the industry. For one, their watches are made with high-quality materials, featuring top-rated craftsmanship and excellent movements.

Furthermore, Rado watches are unique with different styles and designs. You may have to sort through myriads of designs before deciding on one.

Meanwhile, Rado offers high-quality watches for prices below them; most of their watches are priced below $3,000. Considering the quality level these watches possess, it is surprising, not to mention the craftsmanship and materials.

Rado is a good brand for high-quality timepieces that won’t lose out on trends in a short while.

Is Rado Worth Buying?

The worthiness of Rado watches depends on your style and preference. Rado watches come in lots (and we mean lots) of designs. If you go to the brand’s official website, you will find different high-class Rado watch designs.

Moreover, Rado was once awarded the prestigious iF Design Award for one of its classical timepiece collections. The brand values innovation, among other things, which is visible in its True Thinline collection. 

For instance, the Rado XL Captain Cook Automatic Bronze is a refurbished 1960 Captain Cook. This model has a current technology with a bronze case measuring 42, featuring a blue high-tech ceramic insert.

This watch ages with time, but with age comes a truly unique look. It is almost as if the watch gets better with age. Rado watches are lightweight and scratch-resistant, lacking metals that can hurt the skin. The timepieces offer maximum comfort level to their wearers.

Are Rado Watches Durable?

The raw materials Rado watches are made from aren’t low-class quality; they are sourced from the best suppliers. Hence, the impressive durability of the watches. Durability is at the heart of the Rado brand’s beliefs; they are not worth it if they are not durable.

Rado is a leading watch brand in high-tech ceramics in the watch industry, and one of the reasons for this is the durability of their ceramics. The ceramics feature high-strength materials used in engineering, medicine, and NASA.

How Many Watch Collections Does Rado Produce?

Rado watch brand produces seventeen watch collections, ranging from ordinary vintage-inspired divers to off-the-wall skeletonized designs. Regardless of what preference you’ve got, Rado has something you will love.

The Rado watch brand has a watch for everyone. Additionally, it offers some of its timepieces with Swiss-made ETA automatic movements or quartz movements. The large collections Rado produces is why the brand can sell 500,000 watches annually.


Without question, Rado is a luxury brand, combining all the elements of luxury: high quality, exclusivity, and expensiveness. Buying a Rado watch is buying timeless designs, top-quality craftsmanship, and class, among other things. If you need recommendations for high-quality timepieces to invest in, you can try Rado.

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