Is Perry Ellis a Luxury Brand?

Different people have different opinions about the luxuriousness of the Perry Ellis brand. While some say they’re still a luxury brand, others say they’re not. For sure, the Perry Ellis brand is not what it used to be in the 70s and 80s. Also, their prices are affordable, so we can safely put them in the “affordable luxury” category.

Is Perry Ellis a Good Brand?

Despite having seen tough and rough days, Perry Ellis maintains its title as a respected brand in the fashion industry. The brand was regarded as an outstanding American designer brand in the 70s and 80s. While it may not be the most high-end in its category, the brand is still worth investing in.

Furthermore, the Ellis brand is an affordable and accessible American staple in the industry. The brand’s quality is great for affordable luxury, definitely better than some low-end store-bought fashion items. Plus, their fit is considered excellent.

What Happened to Perry Ellis Brand?

After the brand owner died in 1986, the brand appointed a new head of design, Marc Jacobs. Marc’s designs were great; his aesthetics proved to work well at first. He followed the trends and tried to carry on Ellis’ innovative legacy.

However, his Grunge Collection in 1993 received a backlash that put the brand in a bad light. Soon enough, he was fired, and certain major changes began happening. For instance, the brand’s leadership stopped relying on star designers to carry the show and began favoring a team of creators instead.

Today, the trends that gave the brand prestige are reemerging with the launch of two capsule collections. These collections are expected to introduce people to what the brand used to be.

What is the Perry Ellis Brand Known For?

Perry Ellis Handbag | Vintage patent Perry Ellis handbag in … | Flickr

The Ellis brand is an internationally leading designer brand known for masculine and feminine clothing, accessories, and fragrances. The brand’s collection includes dresses, corporate and casual shirts, dress pants, casual pants and shorts, and jeanswear.

In addition, the brand is also known for its iconic swimwear for men and women, which are available through all major retail distribution levels.

The Ellis brand has an eye for trends, as you can see in their designs. For instance, the Capsule II launching of the Perry Ellis America incorporates new and updated designs with a vibrant color palette.

This launch is the second of five limited releases on the Perry brand unisex 90’s collection. Perry Ellis has always had a remarkable touch with the fashion spirit, which it puts into all its designs. Perry Ellis’s designs are true masterpieces.

Where is Perry Ellis Made From?

Most of the Perry Ellis manufacturing is conducted outside Asia, although the brand is based in Miami. Items must undergo inspection and approval before they are released into the market. This process traditionally takes place in the US, but the brand has trained technical teams to approve in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.


Perry Ellis is not a luxury brand, although it used to be. Also, the brand is not exactly front-of-mind as some big brands of today. However, that is no indication that it is not a good brand.

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