Is Patagonia a luxury brand?

No. Patagonia, although expensive, is usually referred to as a top-tier clothing brand. This American clothing brand sells and markets outdoor attires made of quality, eco-friendly and comfortable fabrics. Unlike most fashion brands, Patagonia focuses mainly on sustainable outdoorsy wear as they produce attires for mild sports like climbing, surfing, and snowboarding.

When was Patagonia founded?

Professional rock climber Yvon Chouinard established Patagonia clothing in 1973 and, in the same year, opened the brand’s first store in Ventura, California – where it is also headquartered. Since its discovery over 40 years ago, the brand has set up stores and factories in about 16 countries globally.

This California-based brand grew out of the founder’s interest in making clothes suitable for rock and alpine climbing. However, the brand has grown immensely and now caters to other sports, such as surfing, fly fishing, and swimming. They also sell fleeces, rain jackets, and coats; the brand doesn’t limit itself to sportswear. 

What is Patagonia known for?

Patagonia is an exceptional outdoor clothing company and also an activism company. Patagonia has been consistent in creating environmentally-friendly clothing – they gracefully combine stylish and high-quality with sustainability. They are known for taking serious action to reduce various environmental hazards. 

They take several actions to prevent it, such as ensuring their products are produced in limited quantities and eco-friendly. They manufacture most of their clothing from organic cotton material certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This type of cotton turns out to be more expensive than conventional inorganic cotton and other materials, thus contributing to the high price of Patagonia clothing. They also manufacture some clothing from recycled fabrics, including nylon and wool. 

Is Patagonia good quality?

This American outdoor and adventure clothing brand makes it a duty to produce the best quality clothing possible. Patagonia frowns at fast fashion and embraces sustainability, high quality, durability while maintaining stylish trends.

Patagonia has set the bar high by creating good quality and trendy clothing while taking practical steps to make the world a better place.

Is Patagonia a respected brand?

Yes, Patagonia has been held in high regard for many years because of its efforts to better the environment and the number of campaigns they run.

Patagonia belongs to two world causes ‘’the sustainable apparel coalition and 1 per cent for the plant”. They help by creating long-lasting and quality products and even discouraging customers from purchasing too many items. Their campaign “Don’t buy this jacket” was created to tackle the issue of consumerism. This campaign implores customers to spend less on materials because they believe that the fewer materials they buy, the more they help out in the ecology.

They also have a decent animal welfare policy where they have spoken up against animal suffering. A percentage of their earnings is given to environmental activism groups, which is very rare in the clothing industry. They give out to various charities, and their customers cannot help but cheer and support. No doubt, there has been admiration for the founder’s enthusiasm to make the world a better place.


The multi-million dollar luxury company, Patagonia, is undoubtedly a great clothing brand for those who love outdoor life. Not just that, the brand is also keen on playing its part in keeping the environment safe enough for everyone. Patagonia proves that you can look great and still save the environment.

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