Is Olivia Burton a Luxury Brand?

Olivia Burton is not a luxury brand; it is a watch brand that mixes floral decorated dials with minimalist designs. Unlike most fashion brands, Olivia Burton has a watch line specifically dedicated to women. The watch brand is considered one of the most affordable brands with the lowest price point.

Is Olivia Burton Expensive?

Olivia Burton is not expensive; it has some of the lowest-priced watches in the watch fashion industry. Despite not being expensive, Olivia Burton outsells watch brands like Michael Kors, mostly because it has its target audience. Olivia Burton designs beautiful, clean, and elegant watches and sells them at affordable prices.

If you are searching for elegant but budget-friendly watches to show off to colleagues and friends, Olivia Burton has what you want. The brand supports elegantly-designed floral watch patterns; combining this with their minimalist dials, Olivia Burton got popular pretty fast. Furthermore, the cheapness of Olivia Burton watches does not equate to a lack of quality.

Is Olivia Burton a Good Brand?

Olivia Burton is a good brand with a large, loyal fan base worldwide. The Olivia Burton watch brand emphasizes fashion, capitalizing on throwaway fashion, which the founders instilled from the start. Considering the popularity level of Olivia Burton watches, one would think they’ve been around for a while. However, Olivia Burton is relatively new to the watch industry – much younger than the Michael Kors brand.

Olivia Burton designs excellent and gorgeous timepieces in different customizable sizes, including metal hues and patterns. This is a brand that has made impressive growth in the watch fashion industry. Olivia Burton watches are made putting the women they are designed for in mind.

Are Olivia Burton Watches Good Quality?

Olivia Burton Watches are made from exquisite materials that are known for their incredible durability. The brand’s watches are fun, fresh, and feminine – not to mention super affordable and long-lasting. If you want a budget-friendly but expensive-looking watch, you should consider Olivia Burton. From the start, Olivia Burton watches have always spoken to women’s needs in their watches. The watches stay true to the traditional model without compromising on-trend; they rock and trend.

Olivia Burton watches are timeless pieces reflecting the dreams and passions of their founders and the million other women in the world.

What is the Story Behind Olivia Burton Brand?

Olivia Burton was founded by two best friends, Lesa and Jemma, who met at London College of Fashion. They both shared a passion for vintage watches and desired to open their own watch-producing businesses. The story has it that Lesa and Jemma strolled through antique markets in search of perfect watches. They did find watches, but nowhere near perfect because they broke down after only a few months of use.

So, the ladies set out to build their own watch-manufacturing company to rectify the problem they encountered. Most Olivia Burton watches are handmade at the brand’s studio in East London.


Olivia Burton is an affordable brand that is not considered a luxury, but makes elegant watches that will easily pass off as luxury timepieces. Unlike most fashion brands, Olivia Burton did not think of women as an afterthought; the brand specifically serves women’s needs.

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