Is Nine West a Luxury Brand?

Nine West is not considered a luxury brand, although the brand does make good quality fashion products. Despite not being a luxury fashion brand, Nine West has left its footprint all over the fashion industry. It is said to be among the fashion brands that offer trendy, fashionable items at affordable prices.

Is Nine West Good Quality?

Nine West may not be among those high-end luxury fashion houses, but it doesn’t fall behind where quality is concerned. Nine West is a well-known fashion company for its high-quality shoes and handbags.

The touch and smell of the shoes and handbags have the feel of real leather – because they are made of real leather.

The brand compromises on prices for its products to make them affordable to the average consumer who wants a designer. However, it sources high-quality raw materials from only the best and most trusted sources.

The brand’s apparel is a world-renown fashion symbol that creates confidence when worn. The extreme versatility of Nine West clothing creates a fashion statement everywhere it enters.

What Makes Nine West Popular?

Nine West is popularly known for its footwear and accessory retailing in Australia. The brand is widely recognized for its exclusive quality footwear, handbags, and accessories. Nine West brand has a presence in over 70 countries with at least 50 sales outlets across Australia. That includes independent stores and concession stores – they all promise exceptional customer service and tailored styling advice to their consumers.

Each collection of the fashion brand illustrates its commitment to balancing essential fashion items with iconic trends. Nine West fashion brand maintains an unwavering focus on wearability, style, and quality.

Is Nine West Still In Operation?

Nine West has suffered a major setback in recent years, partly due to its bankruptcy over a $1.6 billion debt. The debt is leftover from the leveraged buyout of the Jones Group that later became a problem for Nine West.

Nevertheless, Nine West is not dead, just in decline – and it still has a strong consumer base.

How to Authenticate Real Nine West

There are many Nine West counterfeits whose sole purpose is to discredit the brand. They are of less quality and are less durable and classy – all the things a Nine West product isn’t. If you are an ardent and loyal Nine West fan, you’d easily spot a fake Nine West when you see one.

However, telling the difference between a real and fake nine west may be difficult for a new fan. Below are ways you can authenticate a real Nine West product:

  • The stitching of a Nine West handbag is perfect, impeccable – if there’s even a slight imperfection, you’re likely dealing with a fake.
  • Smell the leather of the Nine West bag – it should have the typical strong smell of genuine leather.
  • Nine West items come with brand tags; you should see them either in gold or silver finish on the bag.


Nine West makes good-quality fashion items, but it is not considered a luxury brand. Nevertheless, the brand has reportedly left a footprint in the fashion industry by providing trendy fashion items at affordable prices.

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