Is Mytheresa Legit

Yes, Mytheresa is a 100% legit eCommerce store and luxury fashion retailer that sells highly reputable and real designer brands. The company had a revenue of €158.6 million in 2020 and is still growing heavily in the online retailer space.

You’ll find high-end fashion brands such as Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, and Gucci on the website, there are over 200 brands available today.

Mytheresa started over 30 years ago in Munich to supply highly aware luxury customers with the best designer brands from all over the world. In 2006, the brand expanded into the online space to find more customers. Today over 850 employees are working for the store to enable the delivery of items in more than 130 countries.

If you’re familiar with Neiman Marcus, you’ll love this. In 2014 Neiman Marcus group bought Mytheresa. Thereafter, they started exploring fashion collections for both men and kids, beyond the already established women’s wear.

What are the good things about Mytheresa?

You’ve got a collection that is on an ongoing expansion, for women, men and kids, with over 250 designers to buy from. There are literally thousands of new releases every week, so no need to fear that you don’t have anything new to buy from the store.

Delivery is taking about 2 business days with free shipping over $500. You also have free returns within the 30-day shopping window. Lastly, there are a lot of exclusive collections that are released on Mytheresa only.

The less good

85% of the almost 10,000 reviews are positive, with 6% being bad. Customers are usually complaining about the regular stuff, such as never receiving any items, poor communication from the brand and that customer support is not helpful. Most of these seem to be from non-US and German customers.

Worth mentioning again, these are a small minority of people, but they did have bad experiences.

There is also another interesting development of Mytheresa and the Neiman Marcus Group, and that is the company’s investment in secondhand or resale service online.

Mytheresa’s investment in Vestiaire Collective

Mytheresa announced in early 2021 a partnership with the resales website Vestiaire Collective. Vestiaire Collective is an upscale and luxury resale website that is trying to achieve sustainable actions by reselling items that are no longer in use by its owners.

Mytheresa said that they’re trying to achieve a drive for the fashion industry towards more sustainable actions. All Mytheresa’s top clients will be invited to participate in a program that will give the VIPs price information about items that they love.

No pre-owned items will be sold on Mytheresa’s website, worth mentioning. All second-hand items will be taken care of by Vestiaire Collective’s app and website.

This partnership is not something unique though. There are several other brands that are enabling customers to reach the second-hand market to find high-price items that have a limited supply.

Is Mytheresa Worth it?

In short, yes, Mytheresa is worth it. Considering that they’ve got almost 7,000 positive reviews from happy customers, affordable luxury items at sometimes awesome discounted prices (up to 60% off) and exclusive releases from designer brands, I think it’s pretty clear that one needs to keep an eye on Mytheresa if you’d like to find designer deals.


Mytheresa is not only a legit affordable luxury online store where you can find awesome deals from designers and luxury brands from all over the world. It’s also a platform where you can find exclusive releases and the company is working to find new revenue streams, i.e. enabling more value for us who are looking to buy luxury goods at great prices.

The new partnership with Vestiaire Collective is one of many upcoming experiments in the world of luxury fashion.

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