Is Mulberry a Luxury Brand?

Mulberry is a British luxury fashion company founded in 1971 in Somerset, England. The Mulberry fashion brand is internationally known for its premium, higher-end quality leather items; it combines traditional quality with timeless designs. The first Mulberry fashion items were buckled leather belts, followed by other accessories such as womenswear and bags in 1979.

Is Mulberry a Good Brand?

Mulberry is a very good brand that has somehow managed to create luxury without being flashy. Mulberry bags can enter anywhere; they have a silent but undeniable class. So, if you love luxury fashion items but are not a fan of flashy things, Mulberry may be what you’re looking for. You can wear a Mulberry bag to different places in one day and not feel awkward in both places.

Moreover, Mulberry goods are timeless; they don’t deteriorate with time. On the contrary, Mulberry items get better over: their color gets richer, and their leather softer. Mulberry bags get lovelier with age.

Why is Mulberry Expensive Lately?

Mulberry is an expensive brand, and, like many other luxury brands, it has gone up in price recently. It would seem that designer items have gone insanely high of late. High-end fashion brands like Mulberry have merrily hiked up their price tags so much that it’s hard to find a price below four figures.

One of the reasons these prices go up is because the designers know their worth; they know they have the power. They are not obliged to serve the middle-class lady who buys a 500-dollar designer bag once in a while. Instead, they aim to serve wealthy businesspeople in China, Russia, and the Middle East. In addition, like other high-end luxury fashion brands, Mulberry wants to look elite; hiking their prices is the easiest way to do that.

Are Mulberry Items Quality?

Mulberry items speak incredible leather quality that cannot be beaten; some consider it a benchmark for leather goods. If Mulberry items are expensive, they’re worth every penny. Mulberry is not one of those brands with ridiculously-high price tags but little to nothing to show for it. As a matter of fact, Mulberry uses much better leather than these brands and doesn’t charge as much. Moreover, the quality of Mulberry items doesn’t go down, even after years of use.

Is Mulberry Better Than Burberry?

Mulberry and Burberry fashion brands are often compared using CEO rating, brand ranking, overall culture score, and many others. According to popular rankings, the Mulberry brand is not ranked among the top 1000 fashion brands globally, while Burberry is ranked number 358. Based on CEO rating, Mulberry doesn’t have enough ratings, while Burberry employees rate its CEO 72 out of 100. Meanwhile, as far as overall culture goes, Mulberry is rated 61 out of 100, while Burberry is rated 65 out of 100.


Mulberry is a 40-year-old luxury fashion brand with origins in Somerset, England. Mulberry is a popular brand known for its high-end quality leather items that are unmatchable. Mulberry combines traditional quality with timeless designs; its items are known to last for years without losing their beautiful outlook.

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