Is Moynat Worth It?

When it comes to quality, style, exclusivity, and meeting the demands of fashion enthusiasts, Moynat can confidently claim the world-best.

No, Moynat isn’t as popular as those big-name brands you’re familiar with, but its lack of popularity is an advantage.

The fact that very few people know about Moynat indicates the exclusivity it offers – the desire of every true luxury fashion enthusiast. Aside from its exclusivity, you would fall in love with Moynat products when considering the thought and effort put into manufacturing them.

There is no doubt that Moynat is a brand worth investing in – if you have the money. If you’re looking into luxury fashion, it means you’re ready to pay whatever it takes to get the best. Well, you’re in luck because Moynat happens to be one of the best, and you’ll agree before the end of this article.

In this article, we will expound on the iconic qualities of the Moynat brand and why we think it is worth it.

Is Moynat Brand Good Quality?

Moynat uses the best quality materials to manufacture its products; the leather is thick, lustrous, and unblemished. In addition, Moynat uses the iconic Cuir Imperial leather, which is finer than the original Russian leather but has the exact cross hatch grain and oily, silken suppleness.

Each fashion piece is carefully crafted by some of the best artisans in the industry with the best handcrafting techniques. The details and materials used in producing Moynat items contribute to their impressive durability; they survive heavy usage for years.

Moynat is a privately-owned luxury fashion house majestically seated atop the world of leather bags and goods. One of its signature products is the Pauline bag; it comes in different sizes, including a small city bag and a super-luxe tote.

A signature Moynat product for the men in the Limousine case; this line also comes in different sizes and styles. Moynat combines skills with innovation and finishes it with high-quality materials, producing items you can proudly call yours.

Does Moynat Offer Exclusivity?

Exclusivity could very well be one of Moynart’s mottos; its ability to operate out of the public eye is impressive. Perhaps, we can safely say that the Moynat brand is poised for success because of the admirable exclusivity air that surrounds it.

Many well-loved fashion brands have lost their relevance and exclusivity because of overexposure to the masses. Moynat has a rich history of being one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious leather goods companies.

Moynat doesn’t bank on popularity; it instead focuses on producing the best-quality products for its client base. As a result, it can stand confidently beside the formidable Hermes and the quiet Goyard. Goyard and Moynat have similar marketing strategies and presence in the collective unconscious, and their small devoted fans are considered fashion elite.

Everything about the extremely quiet brand’s marketing or lack of it is entirely niche, lacking affiliation with any other brand.

How Is Moynat’s Style?

Moynart offers an extraordinarily classic and elegant style that should resemble the typical luxury fashion but is impressively distinctive. The brand produces classic handbags with buckles and silhouettes featuring shapes that add a unique spin to them.

Only an individual well-versed in the secrets of the fashion industry and history of Parisian leather craftsmanship can wear a Moynat product properly.

However, when a woman understands these things, she will wear any Moynat product she owns with pride and honor.

Moynat products aren’t worn only for the glances of recognition but for the personal satisfaction of owning such a deep heritage. The products carry a feeling of rest from mass-market brands and, in its place, an endorsement of quality artisan craftsmanship.

If you’re among those who would rather have the anti-it bag rather than the overly popular “it” bag, Moynat is for you.

A Moynat bag, jewelry, or whatever will stand out among even Hermes, with which it carries a striking resemblance. 

Brief History of the Moynat Brand

The Moynat luxury brand is one of the first to be founded by a woman, especially in a male-dominated trunk-making industry. The brand was established by Pauline Moynat, a young French woman with a deep desire for quality fashion.

Since the nineteenth century, when it was founded, the Moynat brand has always provided top-of-the-line travel accessories, including trunks. Pauline Moynat was widely known and highly acclaimed for her style and otherworldly craftsmanship.

She produced trunks that traveled the world with a sensible and simple but elegant design, lined with silk and velvet. Her trunks reached all the corners of the world, crossing the Atlantic Ocean and reaching places many haven’t. The brand’s oldest store, located on the Avenue de l’Opera in Paris, was a well-known institution.

After shutting down for nearly forty years, Bernard Arnault acquired it to reawaken it; Ramesh Nair now runs it.

Are Moynat Brand Products Handcrafted?

Moynat has its unique way, often called the “Moynat way,” of producing its trunks and other leather goods. Some of its most used techniques are angle-stitching and Cuir Imperial; both methods are still new in the fashion industry. The angle-stitching technique, for instance, is a marquetry technique originally used in wood, while the Cuir Imperial is a recreation of mythical Russian leather.

The brand is primarily known for handcrafting its handbags; only one artisan makes each bag, which can take five to seven days.

Despite this, the brand still produces around thirty bags every week – all individually crafted by the hands of gifted artisans. That means the brand takes each artisan through thorough training in different techniques to produce the exact quality.

Moynat’s heritage has been able to create truly bespoke leather goods thanks to these ancient techniques. A highly-skilled artisan handcrafts each component of a Moynat bag, including its metallic parts and specific closure.


Moynat is a luxurious brand that focuses on quality rather than quantity, which is why it doesn’t have extensive handbag designs. The brand’s pricing and purchase opportunities aren’t available to the public, mainly since each bag is handmade.

Nevertheless, regardless of the price of a Moynat product, there is no doubt that it is worth buying. Buying a Moynat bag is synonymous with buying a rich, years-long Parisian heritage that you’ll enjoy using for a long, long time.

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