Is Mido a Luxury Brand?

Mido is not luxury; it is a small watch brand belonging to the large Swatch group, a world-leading watchmaker in the industry. Despite not being a luxury brand, Mido is known as a reliable doctor’s watch. You can find Mido watches in over two thousand retailers in seventy countries worldwide.

Is Mido a Luxury Watch Brand?

Mido is not considered a luxury watch brand; it is a small section of a larger body of watchmakers. Mido is just about 100 years old, and it has grown in leaps and bounds in those years.

The brand has had various achievements, including creating iconic watch collections and models. Although it isn’t considered a luxury brand, Mido is a premium watch brand known worldwide.

Mido has created exquisite timepieces for thousands of satisfied customers for over one hundred years. Mido was founded in 1918 and is based in Switzerland, with a branch office in Shanghai, China.

Are Mido Watches Any Good?

Mido’s customers love them – that must mean they are doing something right. The watch company is world-renowned for its water-resistant and waterproof timepieces, but that’s not all of it.

For example, one of Mido’s timepieces, the M8429.3.21.1 Analog Swiss Automatic Watch, has a retro appearance accentuating its charm. It has classy gold-plated looks with a gold-PVD stainless-steel case. It has a scratch-resistant crystal and is classified as a good dress watch.

Mido watches are beautiful, no doubt; they add beauty and elegance to any wrist. For the average watch lover out there, Mido watches can be a luxury. Plus, they have good and impressive quality for their prices – maybe even more.

The Mido brand is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group; it has to be good. The Swatch group is known worldwide not to trifle with the authenticity of its timepieces.

Is the Mido Watch Brand Good?

Mido has a 100-years reputation and a solid track record for making exceptional timepieces. The Mido brand is mostly known for its connection with the military, but it offers more than that.

For example, Mido is associated with a wide range of exquisite and extraordinary ladies’ watches. In addition, the brand is a world-recognized source for reliable doctors’ watches that are still in vogue decades later.

Middo’s induction of the Multifort innovation series and unbreakable mainspring enhanced their already-good reputation. For example, the Multifort Series has several rich features such as anti-magnetic properties, shock resistance, and water resistance.

Also, the brand has excelled in chronographs, putting them in the tenth position among the world’s chronograph watches.

Are Mido Watches Quality?

Mido is a small part of the Swatch Group; the quality level of Swatch timepieces, including Mido’s, is undeniable. Moreover, the brand’s reputation for making finely-detailed watches is worthy of consideration.

Thus, you can buy a Mido watch with the assurance that you’re not throwing money away. One Mido watch can serve you satisfactorily for years; you’ll use it until you get bored, which is unlikely.


Mido is not an independent watch brand; it is a small section of one of the world leaders of watchmaking, the Swatch Group. While Mido may not be a luxury brand, its watches will effortlessly pass for luxury, being high-quality and widely available.

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