Is Michael Kors Worth It?

It is normal to find questions about the worth of designer items on social media. More people are interested in high fashion products, but they want to know if they’re worth it since they cost so much.

You’ll need to consider several factors if you’re considering whether Michael Kors is worth buying. That includes the quality of the items, their craftsmanship, how long they last, and if they serve the purpose you’re buying.

Michael Kors products are made from high-quality leather, like its bags, for example, which are reportedly resistant to scratches. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide if Michael Kors is worth buying or not.

Are Michael Kors Bags Worth the Investment?

Considering the thoroughness of the production process Michael Kors’ bags go through, they tend to last longer than most. The bags are known to retain their exotic silhouette, style, and design even after two years of intensive use. Hardly any sign of wearing or scratching is reported; there are often no strange bends, and the handles don’t crack.

The bags feature golden elements like a chain and slider, which stay in place, although the gold does fade over time.

While it is normal for gold to fade, it is reported that the “golden elements” aren’t actually made of gold. Instead, they are made of metal painted gold, which explains why it scrapes and fades after a while. But, fake gold nonetheless, the bags are high-quality and a great addition to any wardrobe that can afford them.

Furthermore, the threading of the bag doesn’t stick out, and the lining stays as good as new.

Michael Kors’s bags are very handy and roomy enough to hold a large wallet, keys, and a camera with a smaller lens. You can also find enough space to slot in your two smartphones and maybe throw in your lipstick. Michael Kors is a good brand with great-quality handbags that even fashion critics agree are top-notch.

How Does Michael Kors Make Its Bags?

The Michael Kors brand makes its bags with Saffiano leather, a durable and scratch-resistant textured leather material. This material is of premium quality; Prada first used it in its famous line of luxury handbags.

Saffiano leather is unlike any other leather globally; it owes its uniqueness to a special process. Saffiano leather is put into a special machine heated to 74 degrees, extruding a characteristic, subtle checked pattern.

This unique process carried out on Saffiano leather is subjected to the bags’ final production stage. After putting the leather in the machine, the skin is layered with wax, providing additional protection to its surface. This extra protection makes Michael Kors’ bags resistant to scratches, water, and dirt, enhancing durability.

Michael Kors uses original Saffiano leather, which is calf leather, although the type of finish it uses these days isn’t Saffiano.

Michael Kors’ bags go through thorough processing to ensure they offer precisely what the brand promises. After the production stage, they still go through a series of inspections to confirm perfect detailing.

Nowadays, Michael Kors’ bags feature a different type of leather finish which isn’t Saffiano, but other materials and ecological skin.

What Are 4 Michael Kors Bags to Invest In?

Michael Kors has an assortment of handbags for fashion enthusiasts like yourself interested in designer bags. Unfortunately, there are many of them such that you can only choose if you know what you’re looking for. If you don’t, here are our suggestions for four top-rated Michael Kors handbags you can invest in.

The Soho

The Soho Large Chain Shoulder Bag is made with high-quality costa lamb leather on the exterior and polyester on the inside. The bag features an adorable and irresistible quilted exterior, with a trendy push-lock closure and multiple pockets for securely holding items.

The bag comes in brown, black, and soft pink colors with gold or silver hardware options.

The Bedford Legacy

This is a signature mini crossbody bag that’ll add details to your outfits. The bag’s dark brown/cream and light brown/cream options appear as if it was inspired by Louis Vuitton.

The bag is incredibly iconic for its large “MK” charm hanging from a handle and its dainty gold feet. It comes with an adjustable crossbody strap and two handles, presenting you with different carriage options.

The Jet Set Ew Top Zip

This tote is great to add to your collection of designer handbags – or if you’re new to them. Professionals and students alike use this bag; it comes in six colors and three monogram colors.

The bag features cross-grain leather material with a zip closure to keep items secure in the bag.

The Bedford Travel Bag

This iconic bag is a crowd favorite and excellent for ladies who love traveling light. The duffel bag is large enough to carry a pair of pajamas, a makeup bag, and a few outfits. The Bedford Travel Bag is made with a logo-printed canvas fabric and comes in five color combinations.

How Can You Know If Michael Kors Is For You?

First, you need to identify your need for the brand, what items you’re looking for, and what they should satisfy. You will also need to consider your budget; Michael Kors is quite expensive, although not the most costly.

The worth of a designer brand can be decided when you factor in what needs you expect it to fulfill. Many people have bad reviews of brands because the brand they chose isn’t what they need.

So, check Michael Kors’ styling and designs, and decide if they suit your taste. However, Michael Kors has a variety of designs and styles with something for everyone. 


Michael Kors is an iconic brand known for its high-quality handbags, among other top-rated fashion pieces. The brand is also known for its use of Saffiano leather in its leather goods, which only a few brands use.

Michael Kors is worth the investment, provided you can afford the high price of its goods without going bankrupt. The brand has many designs and styles that would make a great addition to any collection.

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