Is Michael Kors Made in China?

The majority of Michael Kors’s products are manufactured in China. I said “mostly” because the rest are from Italy and other Asian countries. As a consumer, it is understandable that you are concerned about where your clothing is manufactured. After all, you want to know if it is made of good materials and of high quality.

Michael Kors as a fashion brand

It was Michael David Kors that started this fashion empire. As a fashion designer, he founded his business in New York City. Michael Kors is a luxury brand that is inclusive of both women and men fashion items. Capri Holdings Limited manages fashion brands such as Michael Kors. Why is it not made in America?

You’re probably wondering why it’s not made in America, given that it’s a New York fashion label. One of the goals of businesses is to increase their profits. I’m not implying that this is a bad or unethical scheme. In comparison to other Western countries, Asian countries such as China provide cheap labor.

Thinking about it, this country must be doing something unique, which is why it has been chosen as the birthplace of beautiful fashion articles. Not only that, but they also have a skilled and disciplined workforce. It is critical for a company like Michael Kors to achieve efficiency in production each season.

The quality of the product must also be consistent in order to avoid flaws. This is done to maintain the brand’s trust among its customers. It would be disastrous for a luxury brand like Michael Kors if customers complained that their handbags were poorly sewn or that their watches were easily broken. To keep customers happy and satisfied, the production process must be kept to a high standard.

Should I be worried about the quality if it is made in China?

There is a widespread misconception that products labeled “Made in China” should not be purchased. Some believe it is a knockoff of the original product.

For example, suppose you purchased a Michael Kors handbag and noticed on the tag that it was imported. You assume it’s made in Italy, and you’re confident that if it’s made there, it’s of high quality.

However, as you are now aware, it is possible for a Michael Kors product to be manufactured in China while remaining authentic. After all, the myth that products made in China should not be trusted is completely false.

Sure, China produces imitation products, but the manufacturing companies are not all the same. There are factories that produce both high-quality and low-quality goods.

It is up to the company to decide which one will manufacture their collection. As a result, Michael Kors would choose a factory that produces the highest quality. There’s nothing to be worried about the authenticity of your Michael Kors item. So relax, because it is still a premium product.

Did the Michael Kors brand lie about where they are made?

Since Michael Kors is a part of the fashion culture, I’ve searched for the answers to our curiosities. The website of Capri Holdings has information about this matter. There is a part or section that mentions where their suppliers are from.

“Michael Kors contracts for the purchase of finished goods principally with independent third-party manufacturing contractors that are generally responsible for the entire manufacturing process, including the purchase of piece goods and trim. Product manufacturing for the Michael Kors brand is allocated among third-party manufacturing contractors based on their capabilities, the availability of production capacity, pricing and delivery.

Michael Kors also has relationships with various buying agents who source finished goods with numerous manufacturing contractors on its behalf. By dollar volume, nearly all of Michael Kors products were produced in Asia in fiscal 2021.”

Reading this part, they clearly said that the products were created mostly in Asia. So, they were not lying that their products are imported from other countries. Although it is not clear if you are looking for direct answers on the Michael Kors official website

There also exists misleading information of the brand’s supplier origins like this one. You have to dissect what the words actually meant but it used the word “most” that’s why it can get away by saying that not all its items are manufactured in Italy. 

While a blogger explored the answers to this question. He examined the products himself and the Michael Kors information online. He discovered that it is not just China that is part of the manufacturing process but also countries such as the Philippines, India, Vietnam and many other Asian countries.


Based on what we’ve discussed, it’s clear that the majority of Michael Kors products are made in China. Not only that but other Asian countries are also involved in this process. Remember that just because it’s made in China doesn’t mean it’s a knock-off. There are companies that can produce high-quality items that make the consumer wonder where they came from.

It would be better if there is an awareness that would remove the misconception about made in China products. 

What are your thoughts on the subject? What is your first guess as to where Michael Kors products are manufactured?


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