Is MCM A Luxury Brand?

MCM is a luxury fashion brand – specifically a leather luxury goods brand. MCM fashion items are made with materials of only the best quality. The luxury brand’s fashion items are classy and high-quality and are especially loved for their fashion-forward embellishments and durability. MCM bags are made of choice materials, making them stand out.

Is MCM a Good Designer Brand?

Yes, MCM is a good designer brand that produces stylish and luxurious fashion items. If you are looking for a good quality brand to invest in, you should consider MCM. Since its inception, the brand has proven to be a worthy investment to its fan base.

MCM is one of the leading luxury brands globally, and it does not seem it would lose that title anytime soon. However, MCM is considered an exceptional designer brand with no arguments and debates whose items any fashion enthusiast should consider owning.

What Does MCM the Brand Stand For?

MCM is an acronym for Modern Creation München, a luxury fashion house with a 45 years history of absolute excellence. Since the luxury brand’s inception, it has maintained its symbol as a brand out of this world. This 45-year-old brand has not lost its touch – it only seems to get better with time.

Is MCM Worth It?

MCM’s large fan base would tell you that owning MCM is the greatest decision a fashion enthusiast can make; no exaggerations. MCM is popular for its flashy fashion pieces, the quality of those items, and durability. This is one of the reasons the brand’s items are so widely accepted and appreciated. The credibility of MCM’s products gives them a high prestige where luxury goods are concerned.

MCM fashion brand manufactures products that are worth more than just fads. They are products that offer you a chic, stylish, and cool fashion experience to last a lifetime.

How to Authenticate MCM Bag

MCM handbags are classical pieces that, unfortunately, are objects of counterfeiting by MCM wannabes. To ensure you don’t fall victim to these wannabes, here are a few ways to tell if an MCM bag is real or not;

  1. A real MCM bag does not sag when placed upright; it stays true to its form. The quality of the fabric and materials combined with the refined structure of MCM bags makes this possible. However, the attention to detail exhibited by MCM is something fakes cannot imitate no matter how hard they try.
  2. Check the bag’s quality; MCM bags are made of materials of the highest quality. They are made of leather or canvas that feel very soft and supple to the touch – and luxurious. You can easily spot a fake MCM bag from feeling the bag; imitations have inferior quality.
  3. You can also smell the bag from touching – the original MCM bag has a typical vintage smell. If the bag smells like plastic or glue, you are most definitely dealing with a fake MCM.


MCM is, without question, a luxury brand that is especially noted for its high-quality leather goods. However, MCM is careful in ensuring the materials used for its products are of premium quality. As such, MCM products are known to be durable and desirable – they last for a pretty long time.

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