Is Max Mara Made In China?

Yes, some of Max Mara products are made in China. Certain Max Mara’s tops and sweaters are made in China. China is famous among many luxury fashion brands for its moderate production costs and cheap labor. Max Mara, like many other luxury fashion brands, takes advantage of that. Nevertheless, most of the fabrics used are quality Italian-made.

Where Is Max Mara Primarily Made?

The majority of Max Mara products are manufactured in Italy. The brand’s suits, for example, are mostly manufactured in Italy, although a few pieces are made in Portugal as well. Max Mara’s first production center was in Reggio Emilia, where its headquarters are located to date. Max Mara is entirely an Italian fashion brand.

Who Runs Max Mara Fashion Brand?

Max Mara is currently run by one of the most influential fashion designers worldwide, Ian Griffith. However, Achille Maramotti is the founder and first designer of the Max Mara fashion brand. Back then, this luxury brand had only a small inventory of offerings – that is, a coat and suit, but this increased over time. With the enigmatic lifestyle he was known for, Achille Maramotti led the group to become a world-renowned fashion brand.

Ian Griffith keeps Achille’s dream alive. He ensures the brand keeps to its purpose: to design clothes for the woman who does not need a man telling her what to wear. 

What Is Max Mara Known For?

Max Mara fashion house is said to be Italy’s largest fashion house. It’s been more than 60 years since Max Mara was created, and the brand remains at the forefront of fashion. And, the name ‘Max Mara’ has consistently remained synonymous with class, style, luxury, and quality. It shows no sign of dropping out of the race in the nearest future.

The Max Mara fashion group consists of 19 different lines. Max Mara fashion house boasts of manufacturing many products. However, it says its heart and soul are women’s ready-to-wear collections, not the perfumes, cosmetics, or home décor lines.

Are Max & Co. and Max Mara Different?

Max Mara is a large fashion group, and Max&Co is a part of the group. Max&Co. is responsible for designing contemporary, stylish, and versatile women-wears.

What Max Mara Coats Are a Must-Have?

Max Mara coats are a classic, timeless collection, and they are the core of the fashion house’s identity. No matter how long you wear them, Max Mara coats never run out of style. Max Mara coats are simply irresistible!

A Max Mara coat is one you’d wear in 10 years and never feel out of place. Three must-have Max Mara coats are:

  1. The Teddy Bear Coat – a cozy, warm, classic, and caramel-made coat loved by celebrities.
  2. The 101801 Coat – is regarded as the fashion group’s key coat and a true work of art. Since its inception in 1981, the coat’s essence has not lost its value. It is a classy wool and cashmere coat with perfect proportions and a flattering silhouette.
  3. The Manuela Coat – is a belted coat made of luxurious camel wool, absolutely gorgeous, and a must-have.


All of Max Mara’s products are manufactured in Italy. However, it produces some of its sweaters and tops in China.

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