Is Matchesfashion Legit?

Yes, MATCHESFASHION is legit. MATCHESFASHION has been in business since the founders’ Tom Chapman and Ruth Chapman opened their first retail store in London in 1987.

The company opened their e-commerce in 2007 and has since then sold its venture to the venture capitalist firm Apax in 20012. In 2020, the company reported £430 million in revenue.

It’s not only a legit affordable luxury company, it’s a rather successful one.

So what is Matchesfashion?

Matchesfashion is a luxury fashion store that is offering designer clothes, for both men and women. They’ve got hundreds of luxury and designer brands listed on their website in fashion categories ranging from clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, fine jewellery and the home category.

Top brands include Balenciaga, Fendi, Acne Studios Jil Sanders, Gucci and many many more!

Its social media presence is huge, with 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 80.9k followers on Twitter and 10m+ views on Pinterest.

Today, the company has invested heavily becoming one of the leading eCommerce players in the world. They’re getting about 60 million visitors each year and they serve more than 175 markets.

The good things with Matchesfashion

The positive side of Matchesfashion is its huge selection of luxury and quality brands. You can find 650 different designers in a wide range of products. Many products are also reviewed and tested by the Matchesfashion style advice team, MyStylist, in their blog. You can find inspiration each season for the hottest trends for the season.

If you’re about to go on a spending spree, why not hire your private shopping support? Matchesfashion has available professionals that will help you in person, via email or by phone by request. And don’t forget to join the loyalty program when you’re at it. You’ll get personal recommendations depending on your profile.

The less good things with Matchesfashion

It’s a large company and the few bad reviews (4% of the total reviews) complain mainly about products having marks, slow answers from customer support (even though they have a 48-hour policy) and high shipping fees on the international market. These comments are, worth mentioning, very few in comparison to their almost 100k reviews.

One of the largest drawbacks of Matchesfashion and buying affordable luxury fashion online is the return fees. They can be a bit pricy, which other companies within the online sphere have tried to overcome.

Is Matchesfashion worth it?

Yes, all in all, Matchesfashion is worth it. Especially when you can find some of their up to 70% off sales that happens a couple of times each year. It’s really low prices on designer and luxury wear compared to many other places. They are delivering goods quickly, have a very responsive customer support team if something happens to be wrong and their styling tips on the website are awesome.

Furthermore, the website is fast and easily navigated. Nothing is really overly complicated as they’ve invested large amounts of resources in the customer experience online.

One last thing to mention is that it might be worth it to take a trip to their physical store as it is a beautiful one!

Matchesfashion physical store

Matchesfashion has a few locations that you can do shopping in, however, none of them beats 5 Carlos Place in London’s Mayfair. It opened in 2008 and the interior and exterior design are just impressive as a whole. It’s more than a shopping experience, it’s an installation of luxury of all sorts.

You can find home goods placed in perfect arrangements, it’s a place of discovery, it’s a place for extravagant events and many more things.

So if you’re looking to not only do some shopping but also see beautiful spaces, be amazed at how luxury and tech can interact or just wander around in beautiful scenery, go visit 5 Carlo Place.

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