Is Maje Legit?

Yes, Maje is a legit luxury fashion brand that is owned by the company SMCP, which stands for Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot & De Fursac. All of these are inspired by Parisian chic fashion. Maje specifically was started in the year 1998 by Judith Milgrom.

Judith saw on the market that there was room for a brand that would bring real identity and elegance. Today, the brand has more than 440 stores in more than 30 countries.

This has led to that the Parisian brand has become synonymous with what French fashion is in many circles. And no wonder, their style is something like an elevated 70s dress that is minimalistic.

Although, Maje designs pieces in all different ranges. The collections range from ready-to-wear to accessories. If you’re looking for a brand that is offering a good range of fashionably affordable luxury with a Parisian feeling, look no further.

The style can be quite different from many of the international luxury brands in the sense that its clothes are more unique and daring in a classical way.

Is Maje a Luxury Brand?

Maje is a luxury brand, but an affordable luxury brand. The prices range from a hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars. The prices are mid-level, but compared to other brands in this price class, the quality is actually way better and most details are very nicely designed and put together.

It’s basically high-quality tailoring for an affordable price.

Worth mentioning is that the different sizes can be a bit small. US sizes are generally a bit bigger.

Is Maje Ethical?

Maje is working hard to become a fully ethical brand. Even though it’s hard to reach a fully controlled supply chain with scrutinized processes. The brand launched a series called First Stone. It’s an all denim collection that has been, well you guessed it, ethically produced.

Maje claims that they have been able to reduce lots of resources in different parts of the manufacturing of the denim collection. 95% less water, 50% fewer chemicals and 79% less energy has been used in the production process.

The brand is not stopping there. Maje is aiming to find new eco-friendly ways to manufacture eco-friendly fashion by reevaluating how wool, cotton and viscose can be used in production. Recycled materials are a large focus. It’s a slow process where you have to take step by step.

Is Maje Sustainable?

To continue on a similar track as the ethical concerns, yes Maje is becoming a sustainable brand that you can wear with good conscience. 35% of the cotton is today from sustainable and recycled source materials. 49% of the latest production was from sustainable sources.

All labels and delivery bags are at this point made from recycled plastics and air transports are now being exchanged for better alternatives.

There are, however, several things that Maje can improve in order to achieve an even better rating in sustainability. The company is today not reporting on carbon emission and haven’t shown any interest in doing their report within the area either.

It’s very hard to track the supply chain in the fashion industry, but the general direction of the industry is to be more transparent and report on how the supply chain looks like.

Maje doesn’t show any reports on labor rights either. It would be good practice for these large players to show that there is a good standard within the industry, or at least ensure that there is one. Especially with the many incidents that the world has been fed with the last 20 years.

This can be done with the help of a third party that goes through all manufacturing processes and conducts supply chain audits.

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