Is M.Gemi a Luxury Brand?

The M.Gemi brand is an Italian luxury shoe company; it was started by Cheryl Kaplan, Ben Fischman, and Maria Gangemi. It is an Italian luxury shoe brand fast gaining popularity among fashion enthusiasts today. However, while the brand targets the wealthy, it also serves shoppers on a tight budget. For instance, its products include sneakers, flats, loafers for men, boots, and heels that have quality but cost an average of $150.

M.Gemi is that one brand that makes modern-day Italian luxury goods even more covetable than they already are. Many fashion shoppers will call its prices a steal for the quality of the leather M.Gemi uses in its goods. The fact that it is an Italian brand also gives it a big plus; it features the iconic impeccable sartorial style. If you’ve got your eyes set on this brand, we will share some pieces of information you might find very helpful.

Is M.Gemi An Expensive Brand?

M.Gemi is a luxury brand, but it is known to sell its items at very affordable prices. For example, when you see the brand’s shoes for the first time, they will appear expensive, but they are not. Fashion lovers know it is hard to find exquisitely rendered footwear without luxury brand markups. However, M.Gemi provides exactly that; it offers premium-quality, luxury items for less than a fraction of the cost.

M.Gemi sounds too good to be true; what luxury brand offers this much quality for a ridiculously low price? The brand’s shoes are priced up to sixty percent below traditional luxury styles. We are talking about a $198 M.Gemi shoe priced at $500 for a similar quality from any higher-end brand. M.Gemi is undoubtedly one of the best brands to go to if you’re looking for quality for less than half the price.

Is M.Gemi Style Any Good?

We are fascinated with M.Gemi’s affordability; now, on to the next important question – how is M.Gemi’s style? For a brand as cheap as M.Gemi, one would probably expect a shabby, tacky style – or a copycat. However, the brand offers collections that boast traditional and trendy styles with outstanding authenticity and finesse. For M.Gemi, old is gold; the brand always honors the highest standards of old-school luxury craftsmanship and traditional Italian shoemaking.

M.Gemi shoes are hand-sewn by highly skilled and experienced families who have been honing their craft from generation to generation. The brand has a modus operandi it reads directly to customers online: made in Italy the old way and sold the new way. When carefully studying the brand’s products, you can see how much thought and consideration went into making each piece. The brand’s team desired and succeeded in crafting world-class shoes, well crafted, very stylish, and truly made in Italy.

Each M.Gemi item signifies the careful attention the brand gives to the detail in each of its products. Plus, the shoes are very comfortable, featuring superior Italian quality that ensures they are durable. The M.Gemi brand has won the hearts and soles of many with its chic, exquisite, and exotic footwear. More so, some of the brand’s shoes are very popular that they keep selling out.

What Are Some Great M.Gemi Shoes to Try?

M.Gemi has a wide variety of options when it comes to shoes – as it should, being a shoe brand. There are different styles in different collections; therefore, there is a shoe style for everyone. If you’re wondering which of the brand’s shoes is worth a try, below are some of them.

The Sacca Donna

If you’re looking for a casual, relaxed loafer for men, the Sacca Donna is the best M.Gemi shoe to try. The shoes are predominantly suede, unlined, and feature genuine moccasin construction, making them perfect for summer. The lack of lining in the shoes makes them very flexible and lightweight. The shoe is available in navy, red, and tan; the suede has a velvety texture, with a spotless upper part.

The Volo Due

This shoe is the brand’s modern take on the classic penny loafer, which is lighter than its English counterparts. The Volo Due features all the details of a durable penny loafer made with Blake stitching. One of the shoes’ big qualities is that it features a modern, strong, and diagonal extended penny strap.

The Fuggire

The Fuggire is based on older world war, WWII, and service boots, but with an upgraded style. The shoe collection has a subtle design quirk, which makes the shoes fit more perfectly. The Fuggire is also made with suede, which feels lush and easy to maintain, particularly when you use a suede brush.

Are M.Gemi Shoes Any Good?

M.Gemi is relatively still a new brand since it only just started in 2015. However, many people already love the brand’s products for their quality leather and unique designs, among other things. Furthermore, the brand has a unique business model that introduces new designs weekly. Thus, it has more and more fresh designs to offer its customers, including footwear for men and women.

The handcrafting of the shoes is also an iconic feature, and the use of lightweight, supple leather is even better. Considering that they are handcrafted, it is a wonder that the shoes are as lowly priced as they are. The shoes are more affordable than others in the same quality category, although still more expensive than traditional ones. Most of M.Gemi’s shoes cost between two hundred and three hundred dollars, but the price is for the quality materials and craftsmanship used.

M.Gemi suede shoes are authentic, and each design is handcrafted to finish that unique, beautiful feel. They are versatile in that you can wear them on any outfit and are high quality such that it is durable.


M.Gemi is considered a luxury brand on the one hand because of the level of quality and status it offers. On the other hand, true luxury fashion enthusiasts will say it is not a luxury brand because it doesn’t cost thousands. M.Gemi is a brand that offers luxury but at a very affordable price, although not too affordable. If you want the best luxury leather shoes but don’t have the high price of higher-end designs, try M.Gemi.

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