Is Luisaviaroma a real website?

Yes, as covered before on Democratic Luxe, LUISAVIAROMA is a real website. They are a legitimate business that had more than $225 million US dollars in revenue in the year 2020. The company is quickly expanding the US by creating value to customers through their products and a magazine, interestingly enough.

Not only that, LUISAVIAROMA has been featured in many established media channels such as WWD, V Magazine, Vogue and Elle. The company is also, notably, very large on social media. More than 123,000 followers on Twitter, 1.2M followers on Instagram and 38,000 followers on Pinterest. It’s not too bad for an Italian business that started as a store in Paris, France at the end of the 1800s and later migrated to Florence in Italy.

Where is LUISAVIAROMA based?

LUISAVIAROMA is today based in Italy. The company’s headquarters are based in the north-eastern Italian city of Florence. This is also where its logistics centers are located. Even though LUISAVIAROMA sells to 180 markets today, their warehouse in Florence is responsible for all shipping worldwide, including the US, all of Europe and the Asian countries.

How long does Luisaviaroma take to deliver?

It really depends on where you’re located. Items that are available are usually dispatched within 1-2 business days. Then there is another time for the delivery to actually arrive. This can differ a lot.

USA: Usually another 1-2 days, totally 2-4 days.

Canada: Another 1-3 days, totally 2-5 days.

EU Countries: 1-2 days for express or 2-6 days for regular. A total 2-4 days for express and 3-8 days for regular.

UK: 1-2 days for express or 2-6 days for regular. A total 2-4 days for express and 3-8 days for regular.

Latin America: 3-4 business days, totally 4-6 days.

Asia and the Middle East: 2-3 business days, totally 3-5 days

Australia and New Zealand: 4-7 business days to all major cities, totally 5-9 days. Another 2 days for remote areas.

Africa: 2-4 business days, totally 3-6 days.

Russia: 3-4 business days, totally 4-6 days with DHL. 10 business days with EMS Russia Post.

Can you return sale items LUISAVIAROMA?

Yes, all customers can return items within 28 days of the purchase date. That means that you should have a good 20 or more days to decide whether you want to keep the items or not.

You do that by signing in to your account to start the return procedure. All packages come with a return label that can be put on the package for delivery back to LUISAVIAROMA. That brings us to the last commonly asked question…

Are LUISAVIAROMA returns free?

Yes, the return label that comes with your package enables you to send the package back to LUISAVIAROMA without any additional cost as long as the item is in its original state.

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