Is Louis Vuitton Made in China?

No, Louis Vuitton is not made in China. Louis Vuitton is explicitly stating on their website that their products are made in Europe and to some extent the United States. Louis Vuitton pride itself on producing products from highly reputable workshops around Europe. This means that the bag is a fake if you see a tag with “made in China”, or any other country except the above mentioned for that matter.

There are some rumours from customers that are complaining that there are poorer quality Louis Vuitton bags, however, there is no proof. No evidence is pointing at the company lying.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most reputable luxury brands in the world at this point. There is no doubt a big fake market around the world where they sell fake bags.

Where is Louis Vuitton Made?

Louis Vuitton is stating that different goods are produced in different countries. Leather goods are for e.g. made in three different countries. Footwear and ready-to-wear are produced in both France and Italy.

Watches are exclusively made in Switzerland. Jewelry is made in France, Italy and Switzerland. And finally, sunglasses are made in France and Italy.

Louis Vuitton leather goods are produced in different workshops in France, Spain and the United States. There are three legitimate manufacturing plants in the United States that are producing Louis Vuitton bags today. Those are located in Keene, Irwindale and San Dimas.

Those bags are also most probably made out of the canvas, including monogram and multicolor canvas.

Louis Vuitton’s Problem with Fake Products

Louis Vuitton is a hugely popular brand in China and the company is increasing their investments into taking a larger pie of the market in the world’s largest luxury market. There are, however, some problems that the brand is facing.

In March 2021, Yahoo reported that police in China shut down a counterfeit operation that involved goods worth more than $15m. Throughout 4 years, this operation sold goods to customers, claiming that the bags were real.

The operation even added some chips to further convince customers that the bags were genuine products. They hired one of Luis Vuitton’s salespeople who trained manufacturing staff to follow exact design measures.

Some of the new real designs from Louis Vuitton were copied and sold before they were released on the market in China.

Short History of Louis Vuitton

The company has actually been around since 1854 when the founder Vuitton started making trunks for travelling. He introduced a flat-topped trunk that made it easy to stack while travelling. In 1985, the company opened its first store in London, United Kingdom.

9 years later, LV created its pattern that was patented worldwide. It was a successful action to stop many of the counterfeit producers at that time.

About 50 years later, Louis Vuitton started producing most of their bags in leather, which made the company take a turn into what they are today.

In 1939, Louis Vuitton produced a bag for Coco Chanel which became a huge success. The Alma Bag is still available today.

To finish the very long and complex history of Louis Vuitton, in 1987, the creation of LVMH happened. LVMH stands for Louis Vuitton, Moët et Chandon and Hennessey, a group of luxury brands that created a powerhouse of luxury products.

Today, the brand is operating more than 5,000 stores worldwide and act as one of the top players in the luxury category.


Louis Vuitton is not producing any goods in China today. The brand is still producing most of its products in Europe, but some leather goods are also produced in the United States today. France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland are all countries that are producing goods for the company.

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