Is Louis Vuitton a Luxury Brand?

Louis Vuitton is considered the number one most valuable luxury brand globally. The luxury French brand majors in producing high-quality, exclusive, and expensive totes and sells them to those who can afford them.

Louis Vuitton is a favorite among many fashion enthusiasts, but the other half of the lot believes its price isn’t worth it. Their thoughts: why buy a bag for a ridiculously high price that looks like every other handbag in stores?

Louis Vuitton has a lot going for it, and the impressive durability of its items is one of them. It should be, especially since you’re paying so much for a fashion item. If you’re wondering why Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand, you may continue reading. We will show you why Louis Vuitton is so famous and the fashion crowd’s favorite.

Why Is Louis Vuitton a Luxury Brand?

The fashion world considers (or looks for) three elements in a brand before concluding that it is indeed luxury. Price, exclusivity, and quality are those three elements; a brand that doesn’t have these three is not considered “true luxury.”

Louis Vuitton’s products are well-known for their ridiculously high (ridiculous to some, at least) price, exclusivity, and undeniable quality. Not everyone finds the high price of LV’s products justifiable, but everyone agrees they are high quality.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most exclusive brands in the fashion industry. The brand is known to burn fashion products that aren’t sold; you may have heard that, too, but that’s not the whole story.

It is true that LV gets rid of items that have spent too long on the shelf, but it doesn’t get rid of them straight away. LV doesn’t sell its items publicly; it either sells them at a given price or discontinues the product.

However, before burning the products, LV organizes private sales for over 150 thousand employees and other LVMH employees. The brand gathers all the discontinued items in a big warehouse twice a year and lets its employees buy them at a low price.

Louis Vuitton has strict rules about this, such that even after buying, it tracks the items. So, if any of the purchased discontinued items end up on eBay, LV knows who to call and what to do.

What Is So Special About Louis Vuitton?

Although Louis Vuitton is considered a symbol of luxury, many wonder why that is so – especially when there are more expensive brands. Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house that has been producing quality items for about 167 years.

Founded by Louis and Adele Vuitton in 1854, the LV brand has become an iconic luxury brand. Below are reasons why Louis Vuitton is so unique and a symbol of luxury:

  • Many of Louis Vuitton’s fashion pieces are more like pieces of art than just another fashion pieces. The brand is known to collaborate with top musicians in its music videos, and it has been open about it. It has also been known to collaborate with several artists, movie directors, designers, architects, and more to maintain its art.

  • Louis Vuitton has been known for its client confidentiality and discretion since they’ve been in existence. That’s why you can see even the most private celebrities carrying an LV monogram bag. Other luxury brands like Balenciaga and Chanel have also started to adopt this style of storing celebrities’ bags securely when not in use.

  • Louis Vuitton prides itself on making only quality handbags made from full-grown cow leather, so they last so long. Its use of the perfect materials in making fashion pieces is why it is considered an icon of luxury. It is also why LV is a symbol of quality luxury, even though there are other luxury brands.

Is Hermes Higher-End Than Louis Vuitton?

Hermes is another luxury giant in the fashion world, one that is often compared with Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton varies its products and price points, with many different lines from the Monogram to the top-end leather Suhali.

The Suhali bags range from several hundred dollars to about $5,000, while the luggage bags are even more expensive. LV luggage bags cost from $1,000 to around $60,000 for trunks; they are found in many stores worldwide.

The brand’s parent company, LVMH, opens more stores globally every day, increasing its profits yearly. Louis Vuitton’s expansion plans focus on growth areas like Asia, the Middle East, and India. Most of the brand’s better-selling products are made in Spain and the US rather than in France.

Meanwhile, Hermes is an entirely different fashion beast; it is considered the ne plus ultra of the leather industry. The brand’s business is the opposite of LVMH’s, with limited handbag production, handcrafting by artisans, and control of quality and distribution.

Purchasing a Hermes Birkin bag is difficult if you’re not a regular customer; the product is rarely on sale. Hermes saves bags like the Birkin for customers who buy their ready-to-wear and those with an established relationship.

The cost of a Birkin bag depends on the material, size, metal, and, sometimes, color. A 30-inch Hermes bag can be priced within the $7,000 range. The bigger the size, the higher the Hermes bag price; a 40-inch Alligator bag costs as high as $60,000. 

Are Louis Vuitton Suitcases Worth It?

Louis Vuitton’s suitcases are more than just branding; they are high-quality. Louis Vuitton takes its products through the same production and testing processes, and that’s why they stay true to form.

It is reassuring to know that all the money you’re spending on an LV bag is not wasted. Louis Vuitton bags are known to last years without losing form or going out of style; they are timeless fashion pieces.

However, it would be best if you considered your taste and needs when deciding whether a luxury brand like this is worth it.

Generally, no matter how great LV bags are, you won’t have a pleasant experience if you’re buying them for their looks.


Louis Vuitton is as luxurious as they come; it is considered the most valuable luxury brand worldwide. The brand’s items constitute some of the most expensive in the fashion world; LV is the symbol of luxury.

LV makes high-quality fashion pieces, which is why they cost as much as they do. The LV brand is a genuine luxury brand because it has all the elements characterizing luxury: quality, price, and exclusivity.

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