Is Longines a Luxury Brand?

Longines is a Swiss brand that creates luxury watches for thousands of people worldwide. The brand is known for its beautiful sparkling watches, easily spotted among a sea of watches. Longines is one of the most trustworthy, classy, and iconic luxury watch brands globally.

Is Longines a Respected Brand?

File:Vintage Longines "Grand Prize" Automatic Man's Wristwatch, 10 kt. Gold  Case, Dates to 1960s (8451238649).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Indeed, it is; Longines has earned itself a spot as one of the most respected watch brands in the world. The level of respect is mostly because the brand is particular about using the best quality raw materials and categories of designers.

One of the things the Longines brand would never compromise on is quality – and this is why many people trust them. A list of the most recognizable watch brands was recently published, and Longines took a spot. On that list, Longines was the 24th most recognizable Swiss brand globally and the 5th most recognizable and popularly used in Switzerland.

Longines reportedly has an estimated brand value of 1,089 billion CHF as published by a brand valuation agency in Switzerland, Interbrand. If you are looking for a watch brand that can bring your personality into your watch, you should try out Longines.

Are Longines Watches Worth It?

Without a doubt, Longines watches are worth the investment for someone who has a passion for luxury watches. Longines watches are impeccably-fashioned timepieces that many people have come to appreciate. There are several reasons you should consider investing in Longines, one of which has to do with its incredible value.

First off, Longines has maintained an exceptional level of quality since its inception in 1832. More so, Longine watch models are constantly being updated to ensure they are not outdated – that is, they meet up to market demands and new technology.

Moreover, Longines watches are considered a status symbol that exudes qualities regarding style, craftsmanship, and professionalism. Longines watches are highly valuable – depending on the model you buy, that is. Spending money on a Longine watch is an investment you would enjoy for a very long time.

What Makes Longines Popular?

Besides the its extraordinary watches, the Longines brand is known for its partnership with international sports federations. That includes tennis, horse racing, and skiing – Longines is famous for its elegant timepieces.

Longines brand is known for sponsoring many celebrities who have a thing for Longines’s effortless elegance.

Who Owns Longines?

Longines is owned by the world’s leading manufacturer of horological products, the Swatch Group. The group is reportedly the world’s largest watch company, with close to 40,000 employees in up to 50 countries. Other brands owned by the group include the Swatch product line, ETA, Blancpain, Rado, Certina, Breguet, and Omega.

Longines logo stands out with its logo, a symbol of the brand’s design excellence and rich history. The logo features a winged hourglass within a double circle.


Longines is a luxury brand on many levels – its excellent manufacturing prowess and the timelessness of its timepieces, to name a few. Longines is reportedly one of the most popular and trustworthy Swiss watches in Switzerland and the world.

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