Is Longchamp a Luxury Brand?

Longchamp is categorized under the “affordable luxury” group because of its low price tags. Longchamp makes high-quality, exclusive, and extraordinary leather goods as far as luxury goes. However, it doesn’t totally fulfill the condition of being called a luxury brand because it doesn’t have the high price tags associated with luxury brands.

Are Longchamp Bags Expensive?

Longchamp bags are definitely not expensive, at least not to most. You can find Longchamp bags as low as $150, with some even less. Longchamp is a French luxury at its best, even if it isn’t a full luxury. The Longchamp brand won’t be the first or second that comes to mind at the mention of “luxury.” Nevertheless, the brand has a wide range of truly exquisite all-leather bags that fashion lovers can’t get enough of.

The French brand is said to design some of the most lust-worthy arrays of handbags that can make you obsessive. Longchamp gives you a taste of luxury without breaking your bank account.

Is Longchamp Leather Good Quality?

Longchamp has always been known for its high-quality leatherworking. It is a vital skill at the brand, ranging from pipes and small leatherworks to bags and luggage. One can see the brand’s savoir-faire and expertise through its leather goods. The French brand was crowned the first Maison to sheathe pipes in supple leather, customizing and imbuing them with emotion.

Furthermore, Longchamp leather sheathing is done with an ingenious and spot-on technique that serves to mold a second skin for each item. The fusional affinity of Lonchamp’s leather goods brings emotion into each object with a touch of sensuality and class.

What is Longchamp Known For?

The Longchamp brand is widely known for its foldable totes; these are their most popular items in the fashion industry. However, one can trace the brand’s roots to the Au Sultan Tobacco Shop in Paris. The area is a purveyor of smoking pipes and cigars, which were popular among France’s Allied soldiers during World War II.

After the war, the tobacconist’s son, Jean Cassegrain, began using smoking pipes covered in leather and stitched with saddle techniques. He named his creation “Longchamp,” after a famous horse racing track in Bois de Boulogne.

A while after they were created, these leather pipes were sold out. The brand was so iconic that even Elvis Presley was said to have owned a piece. Today, the brand’s Le Pliage and Roseau, an all-leather tote, are said to be some of the brand’s hottest collections. However, Longchamp is riddled with many iconic bags that will make a gorgeous addition to any collection or wardrobe.

Is Longchamp Durable?

One of Longchamp’s mottos is durability – and that’s no exaggeration. The brand embodies French craftsmanship itself and is dedicated to making highly-durable goods. The brand’s primary objective is to ensure its customers enjoy their fashion items for a long time and pass them on. Their leather goods boast of fine leather craftsmanship guided by excellence and quality. Finally, Longchamp bags don’t only last long; you can also repair them – and they don’t lose their appeal.


Longchamp is better referred to as an affordable luxury brand because its fashion pieces are affordable to the majority. Nevertheless, as far as exclusivity and quality go, the French brand makes some of the industry’s most iconic pieces.

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