Is Lacoste A Luxury Brand?

Lacoste is a luxury brand, but not how the world has come to perceive luxury brands. Unlike most luxury brands, namely Versace, Louis Vuitton and co., Lacoste combines luxury with affordability. The brand is better referred to as an ‘accessible luxury brand,’ which gives middle-class consumers a taste of luxury.

Is Lacoste Expensive?

Although not as high-end as some luxury brands we know, Lacoste products are a little on the high side. Lacoste products are quite expensive but not too expensive because many can still afford it – which is why it is not considered a luxury brand.

However, one of the reasons Lacoste products are quite expensive is because of their iconic luxurious fabrics and excellent craftsmanship. You’d find that some of the most expensive Lacoste polo shirts cost about $200 and more, while some of its shoes cost as much as $250. 

Although it is not as expensive as Gucci, the brand provides higher status than fashion labels like Zara. Lacoste products are world-renowned for their impressive and unmatchable quality. The brand’s polo, for instance, provides a smart casual style and colors that would match any item from your wardrobe perfectly.

Is Lacoste Good Quality?

Yes, Lacoste is good quality, high quality, in fact. The high quality of Lacoste natural products is one of the reasons their products are quite expensive. Lacoste products are typically made of cotton; that’s not as ordinary as it sounds.

The stitches and attention to detail on Lacoste products attract celebrities and sports stars to the brand. Its products are popular and loved for their durability and affordability.

Technically, when you pay for Lacoste products, you are paying for quality – the high kind of quality.

What Is Lacoste Known For?

Lacoste brand is known for its exclusive ready-to-wear clothing, footwear, eyewear, leather goods towels, perfume, and footwear. The brand, having a history that spans over 80 years, was originally established to provide quality apparel for use on a tennis court.

Lacoste was founded by the tennis legend René Lacoste in 1933. As soon as it was founded, the brand ruled the worlds of streetwear and 80s casuals with unique, extraordinary, and differing designs.

The brand’s success continued and evolved as the years rolled by. Eventually, the brand expanded its product range beyond tennis wear to include T-shirts, outerwear, and footwear.

Where Is Lacoste Made?

Most Lacoste products are produced in France, although some are produced in other countries. Some Lacoste polo shirts are designed in France and then manufactured in Peru. So far, Lacoste does not produce any of its products in China – at least; there is no information about that.

There are, however, some Lacoste items made in Thailand and Vietnam.

Lacoste shoes are produced in Vietnam, Germany, and Thailand, while the shirts are made in France, El Salvador, and Peru. Lacoste perfumes are made in France and Germany, and the watches in Switzerland.


Lacoste is sometimes referred to as a luxury brand, but the brand is more like an ‘accessible luxury brand.’ This is because Lacoste items don’t come with outrageous price tags associated with luxury brands.

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