Is Kurt Geiger A Luxury Brand?

Yes. Kurt Geiger is a luxury footwear and accessories retailer based in the United Kingdom. Kurt Geiger operates through its three brands Kurt Geiger London, KG Kurt Geiger, and Carvela Kurt Geiger. Kurt Geiger is popularly known for its beautiful, high-quality shoes and bags. However, they are nothing close to high-end luxury brands like Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, or MCM Worldwide.

Is Kurt Geiger Made In China?

Kurt Geiger may be one of the biggest luxury brands in Europe, but most of its shoes and bags are made in China. Kurt Geiger mass produces shoes and bags, which are sold in over 70 stores and 170 concessions in department stores, including Harrods and Selfridges. They also make fantastic purses in interesting and wearable styles. Most of these are also made in China.

Does Kurt Geiger Own Gucci?

There’s an increasingly growing misconception that Kurt Geiger owns Gucci, but this is not true. Kurt Geiger creates and sells its line of high-end footwear and accessories. It also serves as a third-party business that sells a variety of high-end labels such as Manolo Blahnik, Stuart Weitzman, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Prada, and Michael Kors. However, it does not own Gucci or any other luxury brand it sells for. Kurt Geiger headquarters is located off  Briton Street, Clerkenwell London, while Gucci is located in Florence, Italy.

Gucci is an Italian-owned luxury fashion house, while Kurt Geiger is a British-owned retailer that sells luxury products like Gucci and coach. Kurt Geiger also has its sub-brands Kurt Geiger London, KG Kurt Geiger, and Carvela Kurt Geiger, and Gucci isn’t one of them. Kurt Geiger designs fun, trendy, and high-quality footwear and bags for men, women, and children.

Are Kurt Geiger Shoes Comfortable?

Most fashion enthusiasts know that the beauty of a fashion item or accessory is not just in its looks but in its feel and comfortability. The Kurt Geiger brand realizes this and makes it a duty to meet all of these standards.

Kurt Geiger’s shoes, including sneakers, sandals, and heels, are comfortable. In addition to this, they also run true to size, thus, improving the comfort of everyone that uses it. Those who use Kurt Geiger shoes attest to this and keep coming back for more.

Is Kurt Geiger Worth the Money?

When buying a bag or a shoe, you consider their designs or style and how comfortable they are too. Kurt Geiger bags offer you beauty, trendy styles, and incredibly comfortable shoes and bags. They strike an undeniable and impressive balance between style and comfort. The shoes run true to size, and the bags are made of high-quality leather. These qualities give you a run for your money and have you coming back for more.

Kurt Geiger bags are undoubtedly lovely and are adorned with rich colors, excellent construction, and a luxurious appearance. They are great value for money and consistently provide a luxurious look even at a low price. Even when fully loaded, the leather is soft, and the bag’s structure remains upright. Kurt Geiger bags may not be as luxurious as Gucci or Louis Vuitton, but they are definitely worth the price they come at. So you get to enjoy the quality and beauty of these bags at an affordable price.


Kurt Geiger may not be considered a high-end luxury brand like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Chanel, etc. It, however, offers considerable luxury and serves as a retailer for several of these luxury brands.

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