Is Kenzo A Luxury Brand?

Yes. Kenzo is regarded as a luxury brand. It is a famous French luxury women’s and men’s fashion brand. Inspired by catchy colors and jungles, Kenzo has produced a line of peculiar and inspiring clothing. It has also played a significant role in manufacturing a range of fascinating accessories, homewares, and perfumes.

What Is The Kenzo Brand Known For?

Kenzo is a trendy French luxury brand known for its bold print and luxurious designs. Although its founder, Kenzo Takada, is Japanese, its fashion wear depicts a combination of Asian influences and traditional European techniques.

The brand playfully combines colors to produce a unique yet aesthetic style. Kenzo’s clothing and apparel are popularly known to create an easy-going aura. The Kenzo brand focuses on creating appealing men and women fashion items and fragrances, accessories, and homewares.

Rapidly gaining heights within the industry, this French brand seeps a true air of youthful yet rich status. It redefines the conventional fashion codes to appreciate cultural diversity while being adventurous and limitless in style.

Kenzo has progressively evolved from small beginnings – designing his first craft from dribble materials to bigger exploits – gracing the torsos of some of the world’s prominent and famous people.

What Is The Kenzo Trademark?

Kenzo is undoubtedly one of the most indubitable sobriquets in modern-day fashion. Kenzo products are often recognized for their bold tiger branding, usually strewn across all their products.

The Kenzo Tiger emblem, which graces a whole line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies is thought to be one of the most prominent reasons why the brand is popular. 

Kenzo uses the tiger emblem as a way of helping maintain and increase the population of the wild cat. Their iconic trademark aligns with the brand’s founding principles: Powerful energy and nature.

How To Identify An Original Kenzo Sweatshirt

Most luxury brands are often counterfeited by wanna-be, so it’s no surprise that Kenzo happens to be too. However, you want to avoid getting cheated by these counterfeiters by all means.

Whether you are new to the fashion luxury market or not, it’s easy to get a counterfeit if you don’t know what to look out for. To avoid getting counterfeit Kenzo, here are some things to look out for.

  • Check and feel the material used – Genuine and authentic Kenzo fabrics are produced with soft cotton knitted outside with nice silky fluff beneath.
  • The seam in the original Kenzo should be an overlock seam. And this joining is usually indicated at the side. There’s also a double seam usually found at the back of sweatshirts. Seaming is a very peculiar feature of counterfeit and most times determines the product’s originality.
  • Embroidery is an important part of Kenzo clothing because it depicts its logo. First, check the logo’s color; it is always different from the original. The “KENZO” inscription should be orange, and the tiger’s fangs and jaw dark blue.
  • Check the label. It should be sewed smoothly, evenly, and flat, the label should be sophisticated and slick.


Kenzo is a fashion house that accentuates high-end inspired luxury styles for all. They attentively create every detail of their designs from the root. They don’t follow the usual trend but painstakingly, with every detail, make their products from scratch. 

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