Is Jimmy Choo a Luxury Brand?

The 25-year-old popular brand, Jimmy Choo, is a luxury brand that has achieved cult status. The brand’s fashion products are associated with glamor, sophistication, and exquisiteness. Jimmy Choos items are some of the most sought-after in the industry. Having a large following, the brand has stayed true to its status as one of the world’s leading luxury brands.

Is Jimmy Choo a Good Brand?

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The Jimmy Choo brand is a good brand with a large loyal fan base. When you invest in a Jimmy Choo product, you’ll get a run for your money. Their items feature a sexy cut and fashionable design combined with outstanding craftsmanship.

This status gave the brand a firm footing among reputable personalities in the world. For Jimmy Choo, it has always been a success from the first collection released.

Furthermore, the luxury brand aims to create a global luxury company, attract external investment, and embark on a significant expansion across several channels and categories. The brand is a pioneer brand in the art of celebrity dressing.

Jimmy Choo was among the first luxury brands to introduce bags and shoes to Hollywood. You’ll find much of the brand’s products on Hollywood’s red carpet, worn by celebrities and royalties alike.

Who is Jimmy Choo’s Creative Director?

Sandra Choi is Jimmy Choo’s creative director and has been so since 1996 when the brand was established. Choi was born on the Isle of Wright in the UK, had her education in Hong Kong, and relocated to London to finish high school. All the while, she was working with her uncle, Jimmy Choo, who used to be a couture shoemaker.

With a passion for turning her designing apprenticeship into a full-blown career, Sandra went to the world-renown Central St Martins School. There she studied Fashion Design while working for her uncle. With her uncle’s help, Choi perfected the art of designing, patterning, stitching, fitting, and constructing couture shoes.

Choi’s passion burned so hotly that she eventually abandoned her studies and fully concentrated on designing and managing her uncle’s atelier. Jimmy Choo was created in 1996, with Choi being its Creative Director.

Are Jimmy Choo Shoes Comfortable?

As reviewed, Jimmy Choo shoes are among the most comfortable footwear anyone can own or wear. Unlike most high-end shoes, Jimmy Choo shoes are comfortable from the onset. That is, you don’t experience blisters first and adjust later – as it is with most high-end brands.

Jimmy Choo shoes feature soft leather with lace-up front offering a secure fit. The brand’s shoes are classic and timeless; they fit perfectly with different attires in different seasons.

Do Jimmy Choo Shoes Run True to Size?

Jimmy Choo shoes typically run true to size; if you order for your exact size, they’ll fit perfectly. However, you may want to go one inch higher when purchasing Jimmy Choo shoes.

That is, if you use an Italian size 38 or US size 8, you’d want to go for sizes 39 and 9, respectively.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Choo’s pointed heels are designed with generous width that wide feet will appreciate.


Jimmy Choo is among the globally leading luxury brands with a large loyal customer base, and is known for optimum quality. Jimmy Choo products are gorgeous, offering exclusivity and status to its clients. Owning a Jimmy Choo is synonymous with owning luxury, status, and class.

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