Is JBW a Luxury Brand?

The founder of JBW, Amir Meghani, describes his brand as an entry-level luxury brand. The brand’s watches possess a rich presence of genuine, earth-sourced diamonds, putting a confirmation to the luxury statement. Moreover, when comparing JBW watches with other watch brands, it creates diamond-adorned timepieces that afford it the luxury title.

Is JBW a Good Brand?

JBW is a good brand and a worthy investment for lovers of quality fashion. Going by various reviews on the brand, JBW is worth the price on their items, which are not that expensive. However, stating whether a brand is good or not is subject to personal preference; it is hard to be objective.

Conferring goodness or badness on a brand means looking at our expectations of how a proper watch brand should be and making comparisons with similarly-priced watchmakers.

Nevertheless, we will say that JBW deserves the hype and commendations thanks to the timeless timepieces it produces. On the one hand, JBW watches can add much spark and glamour to any wrist. On the other hand, JBW watches make a fine addition and diversification to any watch collection.

Is JBW a Household Name?

JBW is still a long way from being a household name; maybe that’s not what the brand’s owners are after. Perhaps they are after the brand’s timepieces becoming available to an elite, selected few. Despite not being a household name, JBW undoubtedly makes watch designs that are thoroughly modern and impressively innovative.

Some may term their watches a bit flashy, but everyone agrees they are fashionable. JBW makes timepieces you can proudly show off in elite circles – and this comes with a high price. The exclusivity of JBW watches makes them popular among celebrities, especially athletes and rappers.

Are JBW Watches Produced in China?

According to the JBW company, all their timepieces are assembled in China, the keyword being “assembled,” but their diamonds are imported from India. The JBW Company is based in Dallas, Texas; it takes advantage of China’s reputation as the go-to destination for watch brands. Many of the fashion items we buy today are made in China, thanks to the country’s relatively low production costs.

Although the label “Made in China” on items makes people think they lack quality, JBW changes that narrative. The brand maintains high-level quality despite manufacturing in China.

Are JBW Watches Good Quality?

JBW watches aren’t only about the looks; they are high-quality and durable. Moreover, the brand’s watches feature an incredible amount of precision. The stunning look of a designer watch is useless if you don’t get to enjoy it for a while. Durability-wise, JBW watches have made a name for themselves with their well-crafted and solid exterior.

Unfortunately, JBW doesn’t feature automatic timepieces yet, which constitutes a bit of a let-down for many of their customers. Furthermore, the brand doesn’t seem ready to make mechanical watches anytime soon. Instead, the JBW watches available presently are Swiss or Japanese quartz movements, including the standard three-hand movements, chronographs, and multi-dial calibers.


JBW is described as an entry-level luxury brand by its founder. The watch brand is known for its high-quality watches with excellent precision. It may not have the luxury title; it does make incredible and exquisite timepieces that make the brand deserving of it.

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