Is Jacquemus A Luxury Brand?

Jacquemus can be mentioned amongst the world’s leading luxury fashion brands such as Prada, Balenciaga, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent. It is known for its unique, exciting, and intriguing designs. Jacquemus is often considered a small luxurious brand when compared to other go-to luxury brands. It is, however, gradually becoming one of the leading luxury brands globally. 

Who Owns the Jacquemus Brand?

Jacquemus fashion label is owned by a young designer Simon Ported Jacquemus who started the brand when he was just 20 years old. This French brand may have started in 2009, but it has taken the fashion world by storm. Jacquemus is popularly known for its unique creative designs, Chi-style, and social media appeal. 

Is Jacquemus Made In France?

Yes. Simon Jacquemus is a popular French designer known for his assorted designs ranging from micro bags to maximalist shoes and ultra-chic ready-to-wear pieces. The designer was born in the South of France but moved away to Paris, where the Jacquemus products are manufactured. 

Jacque regularly exhibits during Paris Fashion Week, where it competes with luxury giants.

Why Is Jacquemus So Popular?

Jacquemus owes its popularity largely to social media; it has over 2 million followers on Instagram. You can’t mention popular fashion brands on Instagram without mentioning Jacquemus. Jacquemus is also one of the youngest designers to get a spot on the Paris Fashion Elite at just 22 years.

This brand often features freshness, colorfulness, and boldness youths are often attracted to. It also has a way of connecting with its followers, which is why it is loved by most. The photoshoots are often simple and chic, even though models do them. Regular folks, as well as those with refined fashion tastes, may easily identify with the brand. Jacquemus has not only learned about creating high-quality, stunning designs but the best social media marketing strategies. And, the brand has faithfully applied them.

The brand, despite being young, also made the Top 20 of Lyst’s world’s hottest fashion brands. This also brought the brand to limelight and added to its already building popularity.

Jacquemus styles and designs are interesting, trendy, and just perfect for the women of today. The brand is so appealing to its target market; this is why it continues to grow in popularity. If you are not obsessed with Jacquemus, you are not paying attention to trends.

Why Is Jacquemus So Expensive?

When it comes to Jacquemus designs, you are not just paying for the brand name but also high-quality. Jacquemus mini bags are handcrafted and made with smooth top-quality leathers. They are also made in Italy, and most fashion enthusiasts know that most “Italy made products” are usually of the highest quality. Jacquemus also creates its apparel with natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose, and linen, and they never use synthetic fabrics. The quality of Jacquemus products is top-notch, and definitely worth the money.


Jacquemus is everything luxurious, from its quality to its price range. It features accessories, shoes, men’s wear, and women’s wear loved by IG models and social media influencers. Jacquemus is redefining Luxury with his social media strategy and playful collections.

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