Is Hurley a Good Brand?

Hurley is a good brand for high-quality designer swim-and-surf apparel and accessories for men, women, and boys. Bob Hurley established the company alongside his friends, producing a sought-after, well-loved clothing empire that interprets the surfing culture. The brand is known for making innovations and new creations that have occupied the people’s minds and will possible. The Hurley brand blends comfort with quality and style to make accessible high-end surfing and beachy attires.

Does Hurley Make Good Men’s Shirts and Shorts?

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Yes, they do. However, Hurley’s shirts run slightly small, so you may want to order a bigger size when you do. However, the brand does make great-quality, no-shrinking shorts, and shirts for men. The shirts, for example, are made from high-quality, nice materials, and you can wear them for a casual or formal outing. The concern with untuck shirts is that they often are too long, but Hurley’s shirts aren’t like that.

The shirts have the right length and color that goes with just about everything. The material is comfortable and durable, fitting very nicely and having a slimmer fit than bigger boxy styles. Meanwhile, Hurley’s shorts are designed with sweat-wicking fabric, making them an excellent choice for a hot day. The shorts have multiple pockets deep enough to hold your valuables and not throw them out when you’re running.

Hurley shorts are the ideal casual wear; they look great and are comfortable. The shorts are lightweight, which means you can wash them two hours before you need them. They are great for hiking on steep terrain because they don’t bind your legs; they are the best activity shorts. They are comfortable, fitting, and are a staple item for travel or the beach; Hurley shorts are a good investment.

Why Is Hurley a Good Brand?

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Companies worldwide create strategies that help them establish their identities and make marks that will be the beacon bringing in customers. A company’s identity can cause customers to stay or send them away. A good identity doesn’t just bring in customers; it creates a loyal fanbase – customers who will patronize and refer others. The beacons established by these companies are typically made up of their quality products and excellent customer support services.

Hurley has established its uniqueness and reputation from the first day it started business, producing quality, reliable, and affordable products. The brand’s signature designs have always attracted and held the interest and loyalty of its customer base. Hurley has devised new ways to ensure its customers don’t get swayed in the other direction despite the wide array of competition. It ensures its designs and products stay relevant to its customer base; it has employed a group of talents to ensure that.

The Hurley brand tasks its team of talented artisans to provide exceptional new designs that use only the best quality materials. However, while it maintains style and functionality, the brand doesn’t forget comfort and affordability. Hurley’s ability to maintain a steady blend of functionality, style, quality, and affordability is one of the reasons it’s appreciated. The brand’s products go through rigorous testing to ensure their quality before being released.

Who Is Responsible for Hurley’s Success?

A band of people working diligently and faithfully together contributed to the success of the Hurley brand. Hurley put together an eclectic set of talented minds that help to uphold the brand’s status and reputation. They consistently put together products that feature awesome designs and are relevant to their customer base. These people include Filipe Toledo, Carissa Moore, Kai Lenny, Kolohe Andino, Brett Simpson, Rachael Tilly, Eli Hanneman, and Kao Smith.

Each person contributed to the brand’s success story one way or another. Kai Lenny, for example, made headlines with his accomplishments in the water; he knows what product works and what doesn’t. Filipe Toledo is considered the best aerialist worldwide; he is also regarded for his exceptional talent. Filipe is a competitive, intense, lightning-fast mind who produces only the best and most treasured Hurley products.

Carissa Moore won best female surfer in world championships four times; her passion inspires women worldwide. With this same passion, she produces items well suited to women and men, making Hurley accepted generally. Kolohe Andino is a professional surfer and one of the best; he uses his knowledge of the surfing world to produce appreciated Hurley products.

Eli Hanneman is known as the Golden Child; he is a sixteen-year-old prodigy in the surfing world. He incorporates his youthfulness and love for life into Hurley’s products, making them exceptional. Hiroto Ohhara’s traditions and culture add an international flavor to Hurley’s products.

Ten Interesting Facts About the Hurley Brand

Hurley has been around for many years, but there are likely many things you don’t know about it. Here are a few facts about Hurley that every fashion enthusiast and potential customer should know:

  1. Bob Hurley, the founder of the Hurley brand, formed a surfboard company in Costa Mesa, the city where surfing is popular with the locals.
  2. Hurley was only twenty-three years old when he established the brand with the help of Bob Rowland and Joe Knoernschild.
  3. Rabbit Bartholomew became one of Hurley’s biggest customers and often patronized the brand for new surfboards.
  4. Hurley’s surfboards became popular locally and internationally, with expert surfers lining up for them shortly afterward.
  5. Hurley’s headquarters are still in Costa Messa, where it was founded.
  6. The Hurley brand name came about in 1999 when the Billabong license wasn’t renewed.
  7. Bob Hurley chose rather to return the right and create an entirely new brand: Hurley.
  8. When it was built, Hurley International had 150 full-time employees; the number and profits grew after the first year.
  9. Marketing was the main factor in Hurley’s success.
  10. Nike acquired the Hurley brand in 2002.


 Hurley has had some rough moments like every good brand, facing adversities and multiple criticisms from different ends. However, like a true quality brand, it triumphs and becomes a more powerful force to be reckoned with. Hurley is surely a brand anyone who wants true-quality fashion should pay attention to. Hurley’s designs are beautiful, stylish, and high-quality; they always have been.

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