Is Hermès Made in China?

Hermes is not made in China. It is a French Product.  Hermes opened its first boutique for its new brand named Shang Xia in China, a bold strategy that highlights China’s growing importance to luxury goods companies. But till now, Hermès’s goods are almost entirely made in France by hand in middle-sized workshops known as Les Ateliers Hermès that emphasize high-quality manufacturing.

Where isHermès Made?

Almost all Hermes products are manufactured in France, the brand’s country of origin. Up until around 1996, Hermes was exclusively based in France with no other known manufacturing industries in other countries.

The brand has over 4,000 craftspeople, with over 60% of its staff located within France. A large part of Hermes’ manufacturing is in France, and maintaining this is a key factor influencing the brand’s success.

Hermes has over 25 years of history in the Chinese luxury goods market. Since the brand moved some of its manufacturing bases to China in 1996, it has gradually become a  success story in the Chinese luxury market.

Although the Chinese Hermes brand had a rough start, the brand has, against all odds, gained a firm footing and is doing very well. Shang Xia, the Hermes brand in China, went from a struggling brand in the Chinese luxury market to becoming widely known in China.

Who Owns Hermes?

Hermes brand is currently owned by two cousins, Axel Dumas and Pierre-Alexis, with both being co-chairmen of the brand. Pierre-Alexis works as the company’s creative director, and Axel Dumas is the brand’s CEO. Thierry Hermes founded Hermes in Paris, France, in the early 1800s.

Is Hermes High Quality?

Without question, Hermes is a high-quality brand. Hermes places such great value on the quality that it goes to great lengths to ensure it is not compromised.

First, an artisan in Hermes has to intern and learn how to work leather for two years – six years. Hermes values its precious leathers. More so, the brand has a rule that the artisan who begins a bag must be the one to finish it.

Hermes has always been known for top-notch quality, which is a value it has not compromised on. The brand uses the choicest raw materials of the highest quality for its products.

To secure and maintain the quality of its raw materials, the brand has about three crocodile farms which it purchased in late 2012.

Is Hermes a Luxury Brand?

Yes, it is; Hermes is, in fact, regarded as a “high-level fashion luxury brand.” Hermes is a quintessential luxury brand that originated from France in 1837 and started with building harnesses.

Hermes bags are hand-stitched and handmade. The brand does not mass-produce any of its products or use machinery.

The core of Hermes is the authenticity of luxury, and it goes through great lengths to keep it that way. Louis Vuitton is great, but even the great Louis Vuitton does not measure up to Hermes’ luxury.

Hermes has reportedly hand-produced over 100 billion garments since its inception.


Hermes is a high-end, luxury fashion house based in France that also manufactures some of its products in China. Shangai Xia, the Chinese Hermes brand, had a rough start but is making waves in the Chinese luxury market.

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