Is Goyard a Luxury Brand?

If you’re reading this, you probably just heard about the Goyard brand, the world’s most elusive luxury brand. Information about this brand isn’t flying around like information on other luxury brands like it.

However, despite being quite elusive, Goyard has a stable fan base and is pretty popular among its customers. This article will answer some of your questions about the Goyard brand, including its connection with Louis Vuitton.

One thing is for sure, Goyard is an excellent brand that sells quality items; it just doesn’t like to make noise about them. Goyard is a reputable luxury brand, one of the most desired globally, and one that shuns competition. The brand’s story makes for an exciting read, and its status comes from the secrecy of being an insider.

Is Goyard a Popular Brand?

For a brand that doesn’t advertise or make “noise” about its products, Goyard is a pretty popular brand. The brand’s classic and highly recognizable pattern is one of the reasons it is popular, howbeit only a fraction.

Goyard is iconic and well-known for its hand-painted Chevron pattern, which high-fashion elites can easily recognize today. A fun fact about Goyard is that it offers personalization and customization options on its trunks and bags for its customers.

Since the brand started, the Goyard brand has always created its fashion items with utmost care. High quality and durability are two of the brand’s watchwords, with each piece featuring impressive craftsmanship.

Each Goyard item is based not only on superior functionality but also on history; each custom piece is distinctly unique. Each piece of Goyard luxury luggage speaks of the brand’s rich family heritage and the long history behind it.

The Goyard luxury luggage brand develops remarkable products that go beyond the renowned pattern worldwide. Although it focuses on opening more stores globally, Goyard is about maintaining its legacy by focusing on functionality. Goyard bags are trendy for their value-holding ability; they last long enough to be passed down from generation to generation.

When Did the Goyard Brand Start?

Everyone knows about the iconic luxury brand Louis Vuitton, but only a few know about the brand that existed before it. Goyard is a prolific brand that existed one year before Louis Vuitton began; its French luxury popularity started first.

As a result, the brand is popularly referred to as Goyard, with its inception beginning with a mysterious presence in 1853. Its birth was quiet, and its reputation was built on prestige; it was a classic brand that never clamored for recognition.

Goyard’s focus was never on popularity; only on making iconic, high-quality, stylish, and unparalleled luggage, which is why it became popular.

With no marketing or advertising efforts and e-commerce sales, Goyard established a legacy with a profound buzz around it.

Despite its efforts to keep the widely-desired fashion items underground, their fame got out – and people couldn’t get enough. Goyard may very well be the most unashamedly luxurious brand; it ably shuts out everyone who isn’t anyone out.

Moreover, the brand has few stockists who protect its exclusivity by not offering information about it. For this and other reasons, Goyard can maintain its reputation as one of the most desired but inaccessible brands worldwide.

The brand doesn’t clamor with or for competition; it stands tall against high-status brands like Hermes and Gucci.

Are Goyard Bags Only About Luxury?

A Goyard bag is said to be more than just luxury; they are more of a possession. They are made with high-quality leather materials, lightweight, and well-made to make them last generations.

The few lucky owners of Goyard bags have passed them down from generation to generation as heirlooms. Regardless of what style of Goyard bag you buy, it will retain high resale value; the brand will see to it.

One of the major reasons for the bags’ popularity, according to analysts, is that they are kept secret. The secrecy of the bags is why the brand has maintained a mystique; it is not counterfeited like other luxury brands.

While high-end brands like Prada and Hermes can be a hoax, counterfeiting Goyard bags is hard thanks to their mysterious nature. In addition, the Goyard brand holds firm to its dedication to traditional craftsmanship, staying away from the mass market.

Goyard isn’t like other high-end fashion companies that build a business on marketing dollars and advertising efforts. Instead, it has an independent brand-building strategy with limited brick-and-mortar shops and no marketing.

With only a few stakeholders, the Goyard brand is very different from other brands; Goyard’s sales are fueled by its reputation for excellence.

Why is Goyard a Mysterious Brand?

The interest in the Goyard brand has remained consistent for years, even more than iconic brands like Hermes. Goyard maintains its values and goals, whereas other brands provide more seasonal flourishes and hire new creative directors for modernity.

The brand doesn’t change or adjust to accommodate customers’ preferences; it keeps its head down, refusing to be influenced. The family-owned business started in the mid-19th century making custom-made trunks with hand-painted Chevron patterns.

The Goyard Company provides custom services for its items; France-trained apprenticed artists hand-paint initials or images into them for a considerable price. Goyard is considered a premier luxury brand aesthetically and technically remarkable with an easy classic appeal.

However, it doesn’t operate like its major competitors, such as Gucci and Chanel, in that it focuses on artisanal craftsmanship in one product category. The brand’s focus on one product category explains its limited merchandise supply.

Goyard isn’t just about legacy and heritage; it is also about functionality – and an insider bag that doesn’t scream luxury. However, there are prevalent discussions about Goyard bags on handbag forums despite the secrecy.

The mysteriousness of the bags adds a certain appeal to consumers; confidentiality and exclusivity are something every fashion enthusiast wants.


Goyard is a luxury brand that takes the exclusive part of luxury in the true sense of the word. Unlike other brands that have gotten greedy and expanded their products to answer investors, it hasn’t. Instead, Goyard maintains a mysterious marketing strategy, or the lack of it, which has worked for it for over 161 years. While Goyard’s interests don’t blow up and make lots of money, they create the absolute best products.

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