Is Golden Goose a Luxury Brand?

Golden Goose is an Italian luxury fashion company with origins in Venice, Italy. The Golden Goose brand is still pretty new to the fashion industry, founded only twenty-two years ago. Founded in 2010, Golden Goose majorly produces handmade leather sneakers, ready-to-wear, accessories, and footwear with unique designs.

Each of the brand’s products is characterized by the company’s Star logo and a vintage feel that sets them apart.

Golden Goose is one of the brands rising in the luxury footwear industry, especially with its sneakers giving a cool 80s feel. The brand is known globally for its iconic sneakers made from high-quality materials and loved for their durability. Furthermore, Golden Goose is a brand that emphasizes quality and authenticity, with all its products made exclusively in Italy. However, the brand’s items are quite expensive, meaning if you’re buying them, they have to be worth it.

Is Golden Goose a High-End Brand?

Golden Goose is a high-end Italian brand founded by Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo in 2000. It started as an iconic luxury brand and hasn’t diminished in status and worth in over twenty years. The brand became popular for its distressed sneakers featuring quality compositions and second-to-none craftsmanship.

The brand offers a wide variety of luxury men’s and women’s sneakers, accessories, and all things fashion.

Golden Goose features all the characteristics that make a brand luxury: high price, exclusivity, status, and high quality. The brand’s sneakers are made with superior craftsmanship; they are handmade, which makes them unique from others. The sneakers are above standard; they change the definition of “standard” in more ways than one. The high quality and superiority of design make the brand’s items very expensive.

Golden Goose has its target customers, who don’t mind the high price of the brand’s items. This is because they understand that they are getting exclusivity and status, everything that makes one feel special. Meanwhile, the items are not expensive for nothing; they are worth every penny.

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Made In China?

Golden Goose sneakers are produced exclusively in Italy; none of its items are made in China. The brand is famed for its iconic, quality Italian craftsmanship and materials as far as production is concerned. Furthermore, Golden Goose holds fast to the roots of its Venetian founders, operating and producing exquisite sneakers in Venice. The brand’s most popular sneakers, Superstar, are made with premium-quality Italian leather that makes them comfortable and durable.

Italian leather is renowned for its high-quality composition, which adds to the quality of life of the sneakers. Moreover, the sneakers’ distressed design and the leather’s smoothness ensure instant comfort, something the brand particularly prioritizes. Another reason the sneakers are expensive is that they are not mass-produced and take a long time to produce.

As far as being true to size goes, Golden Goose sneakers are true to size; you should choose your usual size when buying.

Golden Goose prides itself on being fully Italian and has made a name for itself in the fashion industry. Its sneakers often invoke a devotional level that many observers may feel is excessive. When you purchase a pair of Golden Goose sneakers, you don’t just purchase the sneakers; you also purchase a feeling. 

Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Popular?

Golden Goose sneakers are loved for various reasons, their comfort being one of the most prominent. The shoes are rough and antique, yet they have a new appearance, and each pair is handmade. That they are handmade means each pair of shoes fits differently, and this is what makes them unique.

Their versatility is another reason they are so popular; you can wear Golden Goose sneakers on different types of outfits.

People love sneakers because they don’t have to worry about running in them; the older they get, the stronger they become. Some of the sneakers come in neutral colors, while some are brightly colored; they are all the rage on the market today.

There is an effortless cool factor around them that makes them quickly become the most work item in any closet. Plus, you can pair them with jeans, a t-shirt, or a dress without looking awkward – or tacky.

Furthermore, the quality and standard of the leather are other things to love about Golden Goose sneakers. The brand is particular about the type of leather it uses in making those shoes; it is premium quality or nothing. The quality of the leather is such that the shoes last a long time, regardless of how often you wear them.

Top 3 Golden Goose Sneakers to Have In Your Closet

Golden Goose has a wide range of designs to offer when it comes to sneakers. Thus, choosing a style may be tricky because you have to choose the one that looks best on your feet. Below are our top three Golden Goose sneakers; they are popular and fit on any foot.


Superstar is arguably Golden Goose’s most popular sneaker style, featuring color pop star applique and the brand’s signature distressed detail. It is a unisex style crafted from smooth leather and is available in different colors and prints. Thus, choosing the perfect pair for your Superstar style should not be difficult.

Hi Tops

This collection comes in different unisex designs such as Slide and Francy. The collection features an array of versatile sneakers with the brand’s iconic distressed design, color pops, and star motif. You can wear them with denim jeans and a t-shirt as casual, relaxation wear after work.


Purestar is one of the brand’s unique designs; it doesn’t come with distressed signature detail. Instead, the Purestar style features a clean, cut, sleek design and is also crafted from smooth leather. The Golden Goose star logo, heel tab detail, round toe, and foil embossed lettering are at the low top of the sneakers.


If you want style, quality, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional fashion all in one, Golden Goose is one brand that offers it. The Golden Goose Brand is particularly known for its sneakers, but it also makes ready-to-wear and fashion accessories.

The sneakers are known for their high-quality material and craftsmanship and for how comfortable they feel when worn. They feature lightweight, breathable leather that makes them comfortable to wear, giving you a traditional yet trendy look.

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