Is Givenchy Made in China?

No, Givenchy’s products are not made in China. Givenchy produces high-quality, exclusively unique branded designers. Some of the products include tote bags, knitwear, pants, and sandals.

While it is possible to see some of Givenchy’s products in China since the brand has outlets there, none are manufactured there.

Are Real Givenchy Products Made in China?

No, they are not – any Givenchy product that has ‘Made in China’ labeled on it is not a real Givenchy product. As stated earlier, Givenchy does not manufacture any of its products in China. However, Givenchy has outlets in China, specifically Hong Kong, where its products are sold.

These Givenchy products are not manufactured in China. They are manufactured either in France, Portugal, or Italy and transported down to China for sales.

Any “supposed” Givenchy product with the ‘Made in China’ label is likely a Givenchy wannabe. In such a case, we would be right to call such products fake or counterfeit.

Where Are Givenchy Products Manufactured?

Givenchy products are made in France, Italy, and Portugal. However, this luxury brand’s headquarters is located in France. Givenchy products manufactured in France include tote bags, boots, derbies, sandals, knitwear, shorts, and pants. Givenchy T-shirts and slides are also produced in France.

Although this luxury brand is majorly based in France, it produces some of its products in Portugal and Italy. Givenchy manufactures exquisite shoes, bags, belts, jewelry, clothing, hats, and wallets in Italy. On the other hand, Givenchy manufactures some of its T-shirts in Portugal.

Although Givenchy only manufactures its products in these countries, it does have sales outlets across different continents. The brand has sales outlets in Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East. Givenchy also has offices in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Milano, and Dubai.

These offices also serve as outlets. They receive Givenchy products from the manufacturing countries and sell and distribute them to fashion lovers and select stores or outlets.

Why Are Givenchy Products And Other Brands Made in China? 

Popular fashion brands are very successful brands and the envy – or role models of several people in the same industry. Givenchy itself has been in existence for 59 years and counting. It would take a very long time to reproduce what Givenchy has achieved over the years. This is what pirates of popular brands are afraid of.

Brands that ‘copy’ Givenchy products know that achieving Givenchy’s kind of success would be a difficult one. If it is achievable, it will take time – 59 years to be precise or even more. This is a time that these brands do not have or are not willing to give. Therefore, out of fear of competition, they choose to imitate the brand’s products.

More so, because Givenchy is a brand loved by most, these people do succeed. Especially with unsuspecting Givenchy lovers or those who love Givenchy but cannot afford its luxury. However, for ardent Givenchy fans, this trick does not work.

Therefore, the major reason you may find Givenchy imitations in China is that the pirates of original Givenchy products are afraid of competition. They want what Givenchy has, but they know this is near impossible. It wouldn’t be a fair competition – not for them. Even if it was, these brands aren’t just going to sit still and let themselves be relegated to the background.

Is Givenchy Made in China Authentic as the Ones Made in France? 

Givenchy products that are made in China are not as authentic as the ones made in France. These products are mere counterfeits typically aimed at ruining the luxury brand’s reputation.

They don’t use the same quality materials the Givenchy brand uses and therefore don’t last as long. If it says ‘Made in China,’ it is not a real product of the Givenchy brand.


Givenchy does not manufacture its products in China. We know you want the real Givenchy product. Therefore, to be sure what you have is a real Givenchy product, ensure you:

  • Compare the material with the original on the brand’s website (video).
  • If it’s a Givenchy bag, check the handles and straps.
  • Closely examine the logo and compare it with the original on the official website.
  • Look at the serial number on the product.
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