Is Givenchy a Good Brand?

Givenchy ranks number 8 on a list of the ten oldest luxury brands with their values intact. The luxury fashion house is regarded as the ultimate symbol of Parisian chic. Givenchy has been a unique brand and a force to be reckoned with since its inception even to date.

Is Givenchy High Quality?

Givenchy is an haute couture ( high fashion) house that creates exclusive products with high-quality items. Givenchy ranked number 11 among the top 15 luxury Parisian fashion houses in the world. Hubert de Givenchy created the Givenchy brand out of his passion for sophistication and elegance. The French designer became the first high-fashion designer to create a luxury ready-to-wear clothing line for women.

Givenchy fashion house, owned by the luxury conglomerate, LVMH, is popular for its iconic shirt dress, among other things. Hubert launched his first collection for men back in 1969, and in 1979 received an award from The Best Magazine as the Most Elegant Man of the Year.

Is Givenchy a Luxury Brand?

Givenchy is considered to be the ultimate icon of Haute Couture and Parisian chic. The luxury brand has proven itself to be a label of great worth. Since its inception in the early 1950s, Givenchy has been making waves, and now, 59 years later, it makes better fashion statements than ever.

Givenchy has been worn by celebrities and highly influential personalities globally. Celebrities like Audrey Hepburn were considered Hubert de Givenchy’s muse and the inspiration behind many of his creations. Givenchy is worn by royalty such as Meghan, the former Duchess of Sussex, and popular reality stars like Kim Kardashian.

Even in sports, among superstars of the sports industry like LeBron James, Givenchy is loved. Givenchy is, no doubt, a luxury brand.

Is Givenchy Worth it?

Givenchy products are made from materials of the best quality. Givenchy items are loved for their durability and the fact that they don’t run out of style. You would find a Givenchy handbag still in use today – and it fits in perfectly to the era. Givenchy products are timeless and will fit into any season. The brand is most known for its world-renowned collections of men’s and women’s fashion. Givenchy raw materials are sourced from areas with the best quality.

The worth of a thing depends on the value you place on that thing. People who love and buy Givenchy would probably tell you the products are worth every penny spent on it. But, there is no difference for the other people – the counterfeit is better, they say, and you will be saving money. 

How to Authenticate Givenchy Product

Below are ways to authenticate a Givenchy product to ascertain its originality:

  • Check the serial number – it follows a specific format on handbags and is a 6-character serial number.
  • Please take a close look at the logo; it must be impeccably placed with the letters evenly spaced.
  • Feel the material of the Givenchy product. For a Givenchy bag, for example, make the Givenchy bag stand. If it is original Givenchy, the bag will not fall under its weight.


Givenchy is number 8 among the oldest luxury brands still in operation and whose essence the years have not dimmed.

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