Is Gevril a Luxury Brand?

Going by the not-so-clear definition the fashion industry gives “luxury,” it would be safe to say Gevril is a luxury brand. A brand is typically termed “luxury” if they produce exclusively, uses rare raw materials, and has price tags. The Gevril watch brand fulfills all these conditions with its over-two-centuries-old history.

Are Gevril Watches Expensive?

Gevril watches are expensive, no doubt. While some argue that the price tag on Gevril watches is warranted, some others believe them to be overpriced. For example, some watch brands offer better features than Gevril watches and have lower price tags. However, Gevril watch lovers argue that they are modern and more attractive. Either way, Gevril watches have a 250+-year-old history of making otherworldly watches.

The Swiss luxury brand has always made only high-quality watches since its inception in the late 1700s. The watches boast exquisiteness and a perfect finishing peculiar to the Gevril brand. And, the high price tags on watches are also due to their name brands most of the time. Gevril’s long-standing reputation as a top-quality watch brand reflects in its price tags, no doubt.

Is Gevril a Reputable Brand?

The Gevril brand immediately gained popularity soon after coming into being in 1758. It has maintained its title as a reputable brand despite the rocky years. For example, it’s no easy feat to design timepieces for royalty, which the luxury watch brand has always done. Jacques Gevril, the founder, achieved high ranks owing to his passion and drive for art and excellent craftsmanship. However, the brand’s reputation started seeing a decline after Jacque’s death.

Until 2001, the Gevril watch brand name suffered a great deal. It lost the prestigious spot it once held as one of the best Swiss timepiece designers. Nevertheless, the brand is making an impressive comeback under the current leadership of Friedmann. Under Friedmann’s leadership, the Gevril brand caters to a large audience with its dynamic style and designs matching trends. Despite its troubled past, the Gevril brand still gets the credit for making some of the most remarkable watches in the industry.

Are Gevril Watches Made in China?

Gevril Canal St Black Dial Black Rubber Men's Watch 46102 - 546x546

There is no record of Gevril watches being made in China. The Gevril brand has always had its headquarters situated in La Chaux De Fonds in Switzerland. However, Friedmann moved the headquarters to the United States in 2001. Despite the move to New York, the Gevril brand still has a factory in Switzerland. It continues to manufacture trendy and contemporary Swiss timepieces from Switzerland. The watches’ Swiss movement makes them high quality and why they cost as much as they do.

Are Gevril Watches Worth It?

Thankfully, the price tags on Gevril watches are not pointless; they live up to their prices. The watches are manufactured with the best raw materials, making them highly durable. Gevril watches have the best protection with sapphire crystal glass, the most impact-resistant material in the world. Additionally, most Gevril watches feature anti-reflective coating, boosting their readability and making the crystal invisible.


Gevril can be considered a luxury brand since it fulfills all the conditions of the term “luxury.” It produces top-quality, exclusive timepieces with medium-to-high price tags. The Gevril watch brand is a reputable brand with over two hundred years of making high-quality watches.

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